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Joining instructions

1, a legal person to join must have a valid business license, and international logistics as the main scope of business, has the legal management place, must comply with all laws and regulations of the state and express service standards;Natural person join refer to legal persons join form, but must be 90 days after sign the contract completed legally operating procedures; 
2, joining the site with a registered capital shall be not less than 500000 yuan;At the same time must possess strong economic strength and the resistance risk ability; 
3, joining network must pay risk according to the regulations of the headquarters of the deposit and the network construction fee and other related expenses;And pay expenses stipulated by the headquarters; 
4, to open outlets, the first is not less than 200000 yuan investment, staff shall not be less than 5 people.

5, joining network must be conducted in accordance with the requirements of the headquarters to store standard decoration, clothing, car ads, and other VI specification, unified acceptance; 
6, joining node must be in strict accordance with the new "jersey far international logistics network to join in the contract, the provisions of the business; 
7, all join ze far international logistics network on his/her legal person (manager) or spouse without headquarters authorization shall not be set up in other domestic cities ze far international logistics network and other international logistics company network, and it is forbidden to cooperate with other international logistics company. 
8, operating as a legal person must have a college degree (secondary) above, have certain ability of management and operation, have stronger service concept and the team cooperation spirit; 
9, a legal person and the branch staff must understand and express delivery business, legal knowledge, have a certain risk consciousness, has the strong strain capacity and the ability to deal with all kinds of problems; 
Join 10, each node must be equipped with the appropriate vehicles, personnel and use ze far international logistics express all the hardware facilities, equipment information management system; 
11, must abide by the headquarters of the management system, unconditional obey the management of the headquarters; 
12, unconditional‘s headquarters arrangement of the professional training and meetings.

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