Imports, from customs
With commodity prices as standard tariff AD volorem is Latin, AD valorem, namely the AD valorem tariff is to use principle of AD valorem tax, it is to pay a certain percentage of price, tax increases with rising prices, decrease with falling prices, tariff income linked directly with the prices. importAD valorem tariff is bound to affect the price of imported goods, higher than the price of imports.Shall be equal to the difference of import tax, so as to reduce domestic demand,exportAD valorem tariff is bound to affectexportThe goodsexportPrice, higher than domestic prices, balance ofexportTax, so as to reduce foreign demand, so the customs has always been known as the traditional trade barriers, and how to determine the inexportGoods the customs value of the AD valorem tax is imposed a key, at present, many capitalist countries to the actual price of a commodity, which in a certain time and place, in the process of normal trade, under the condition of free competition, will be the price of commodity clinch a deal the price.Countries to adopt the customs value is not very consistent, from import duties levied, generally has the following three: 1) cif (C.I.F namely cost plus insurance and freight prices. 2) the fob price (F.O.B.) is the port of shipment on fob price, i.e. producers, shipped to market prices; 3) the legal price.Due to the AD valorem tax changes, as commodity prices rise or fall, when prices rose so tax increases, protection, falling prices, tax reduction, protection.
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