How to conduct import and export goods inspection

Into theexportInspection of goods refers to the customs on the basis of accept the declaration and audit declaration documents to come inexportActual check check the goods.The purpose of inspection is checking the actual intoexportGoods are in conformity with customs declaration documents quoted content is, misstatement, omission, conceal, misrepresenting, and so on and so forth, examination of goodsexportIs it legal, physical properties and chemical properties of certain goods.

Into theexportGoods, in addition to the general administration of customs of special accurate exempt from examinations, shall be subject to customs examination.Customs inspection of goods, generally should be carried out within the time stated on the customs and regulation, if you have reason to ask the customs for the outside supervision field inspection, should be reported to customs approval in advance.

In the customs inspection the following requirements:

1, the goods of the consignee or consignor or its agent must be present, and be responsible for the removal of the goods according to the requirements of customs, container loading and reclaims the packing of the goods, etc.

2, where deemed necessary, the customs may examine the inspection and the reinspection do not coincide or extracted samples, goods management personnel shall be present as a witness.

3, the applicant should provide round-trip transportation and accommodation, and pay the relevant fees, pay fees at the same time according to provisions of customs.

In addition, China customs law regulations, customs in any inbound and outbound goods, damage to the goods by the customs, shall compensate the actual losses.At this point, the customs officers truthfully fill in the inspection report, goods damage to the goods and sign, in duplicate, one copy each of the inspection officer and the parties concerned.Both sides agreed on the goods damage or repair costs, to the examination and approval of the customs of the customs value as the base, and determine the amount of compensation.Indemnity shall be paid in renminbi.The premise of customs release of goods according to the provisions of the customs law in our country, in addition to the special permission by the customs goods, come inexportThe goods after collecting duties have been paid or provide guarantee, signature by the customs release.

The customs inexportGoods customs declaration, customs declaration according to the examined, check the actual goods, and in accordance with the law to handle the procedures of the taxes or formalities, entitled to duty exemption or reduction in the relevant documents signed the seal, the release of the cargo owner or its agent to extract or shipment.It is important to note that the port customs to come inexportCargo release means that:

(1) toGeneral tradeInto theexportThe goods, customs supervision and control over,

Customs in other ways (2) the need to continue regulation of goods, goods in another way of customs supervision;Just to turn to another set off site goods, is an end of customs supervision and b start customs supervision.

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