Imports of goods process


1. The first is to get a foreign customers by the bill of lading, invoice, packing list, if is from South KoreaJapanImported goods, they must have non-wooden packing certificate.

2. The first thing to take the bill of lading to the shipping company to change single, is to get the bill of lading from the shipping company in return for this batch of goods, bill of lading is also manifest.Has your company import goods detailed shipping information.

3. Need to do the inspection of imported goods in advance, but also to the commodity inspection bureau to do the commodity inspection, actually in the single and the commodity inspection should be done in advance.If imported goods don't need the commodity inspection, that's ok.Actually you need imported goods don't need the commodity inspection you let your forwarder help you check, also can check, through the commodity code book.

4.After etc in single, if you need to see also carry on the inspection, then fill out the import declaration form to the forwarder for customs clearance, customs clearance to use data is: invoice, packing list, bill of lading from the shipping company in return for, customs a power of attorney, import goods declaration form, if you need the commodity inspection and the commodity inspection certificate.

5.General tradeImports should pay import duties, so, in order to speed up the import customs clearance, it is best to open a check for oral, (but) but enterprise financial will not allow this way hit after the payment, such as the customs will check.General who import goods for customs clearance to pay by check.Tariffs are generally to the bank of China, such as after pay tariff, the bank will give you the payment bank stamp on it.

6. Give the bill to the forwarder, then by forwarder for customs clearance.This is generally described a release.

Received 7. The customs tariff will cover the customs clearance on the bill of lading later chapter, take this bill of lading to the shipping company's dock.(this is the second release generally described)

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