Need to transit goods customs declaration

Need to betransitGoods in the customs declaration

(a) what is the transit goods?

Transit goods belong to the goods under customs control.Specific refers to:

1. After entry into the position, apply to the customs transit, shipped to another set off siteimportThe goods of the customs formalities.

(2) in place to deal withexportProcedures to exit, exit to release the goods under the customs supervision.

3. By the customs in one set off site transfer to another set off site, should be subject to customs supervision of goods.

(2) the transit goods customs declaration formalities.

1. Engaged in transit goods within the territory of the carrier, should be to the customs offices for handling the formalities of registration of the following and bear the responsibility.

(1) to the local or the competent customs enterprise, transport and driving personnel registration formalities, where deemed necessary, the customs by the carrier shall be provided to the customs economic guarantee, bank guarantee or other ways of guarantee approved by the customs.

(2) the carrier when the registration formalities shall submit the following documents: a. enterprise business license issued by the administrative department for industry and commerce copies or photocopies;B. the traffic administrative department of transport vehicle license issued by the photocopies;C. drivers license photocopies (may prevent jiaoyan ship);D. the carrier transit goods application form.After the approval of the customs audit, issue the approval certificate of registration.

2. At the time of going through the formalities for transit, the applicant shall, in accordance with relevant provisions of the customs, declare to the customs accurately and submit the following documents.

(1) import transit.To fill into the position the customs of the People's Republic of China on customs import transshipment cargo declaration form in triplicate (international railway transport goods for truck loading list three), and submit the relevant documents and shipping documents.

Apply for transit goods belong to apply for the import license, should be prior to those goods import licenses, after review by those goods issued by the customs to import the contact list for transit goods and seal in the applicant/brought into position to customs.

Airfreight transit goods refers to the shipment to the same destination for international air waybill, can fill in the "declaration", by the customs on the waybill with "goods under customs control" stamp.

(2)exportTransit.To the customs of start shipment ground fill in the customs of the People's Republic of China form the goods customs declaration formalities, to the customs the goodsexportIn accordance with the provisions after to send receipt of shipment to the customs.

(3) import transit goods, since the declaration of the means of transport to the into position within 14 days from the date of the transit customs declaration formalities, the goods arrive since refers to within 14 days from the date of shipment to the customs offices for handling the formalities of import, exceed the time limit mentioned above, a fee for delayed declaration shall be charged by the customs in accordance with the provisions.Transit goods imported from the transport into China fails to refer to more than three months from the date of shipment to the customs declaration, the customs in accordance with the provisions of the customs law of the People's Republic of China.

(4) the goods in transit between the bonded warehouse, the goods shall be made in addition to the normalexportBonded warehouse procedures, according to the above import "import transit" (1) the relevant provisions of the fill in transit customs declaration form, and in "means luck to" column indicate that the goods will be stored in bonded warehouse name, not fill inexportCargo customs declaration.

The last:The matters needing attention for customs declaration

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