The matters needing attention for customs declarat

The customs declarationThe matters needing attention:

(1) declaration qualification, must be approved by the customs audit shall be registered professional customs declaration enterprise, the agent declaration enterprises and export goods and customs declaration party is entitled to accept the declaration.

(2) the reporting time,importThe goods were in 14 days from the date of declaration of the means of transport,exportThe goods is 24 hours before the loading.

(3) the declaration documents, and intoexportGoods declaration form, related inexportCertificates, bill of lading, invoice, packing list and other relevant commercial documents.

(4) the declaration, fingeringexportGoods declaration form on the column of each content, including operating units, the consignee or consignor, declare units, the mode of transportation, trade, trade country and the actual status of the goods, etc.

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