Import agent fee charging method

Article 1 in order to standardizeimportAgency commission management, coordination of foreign trade enterprises and the interests of the entrusted import enterprises (units), improve the social and economic benefits, according to the price of the People's Republic of China regulations on the administration of the relevant provisions of this law is enacted.

Article 2 these measures shall apply to the scope as approved by the relevant departments of the state council, enjoy the import management of the central foreign trade enterprises (namely, directly under the state council and the ministries of the state council, appoint, bureau, directly under the system of foreign trade enterprises directly under) and its to defer to import enterprises.Local foreign trade enterprises and entrust the import import agent fee, can be performed in accordance with this way, or by provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government pricing departments formulate the present measures shall be.Other foreign trade enterprise and its entrusted to import to the provisions of the enterprise.

Article 3 the foreign trade import agency commission, is foreign trade enterprises to adopt the mode of agent import goods, to the defer domestic import enterprises (units) of a charge, it is compensation of the foreign trade enterprises to import agent business, about the fee with spending, and contains a certain profits.Occurred in the process of agent import, belongs to the foreign trade agent enterprises outside the unit charge fees (including the foreign trade enterprise collection &payment), shall be borne by the client.

Article 4 the import agent formalities rate principle, is commissioned by both foreign trade enterprises and import enterprises (units) and the user's interests, to help reduce link, reduce costs, and promote the production and stabilize the market.

Article 5 the import agent formalities rate according to the contract of foreign clinch a deal amount is different, divide class instead.(a) the amount of under $one million ($one million), the rate of no more than 2%, their lowest is RMB one thousand yuan;Individual import amount is small, relatively high expenses of goods, the import agent formalities rates can be negotiated by both parties.(2) the amount above $one million, $ten million ($ten million), under the rate less than 1.5%.(3) the amount above $ten million, $fifty million ($fifty million), under the rate less than 1%.At more than $fifty million (4) the amount of imported goods, the rate between 0.5 ~ 1%, by the agent into the port enterprise and the delegate affirmatory and submitted to the state price bureau for the record;Consultation by the parties failed to reach a consistent, belonging to the competent business department agreed by both parties;Still difficult to negotiate, to the examination and approval of the state price bureau.

Article 6 of the imported goods generally should pay directly by the foreign trade enterprise entrust import enterprises (units), for a is subject to two or more than two foreign trade of the intermediate links, the import agent formalities incorporate computation rate shall not break that level.

Article 7 the calculation of fees, according to the foreign trade enterprise of foreign remittance on the day of the foreign exchange rate published by the state administration of foreign exchange (middle), cif will be converted into renminbi, multiplied by the agent rate.That is:

Cif agency commission amount = (foreign currency) by article 8 of the formalities of foreign exchange rate quoted on the day of remittance x rate import agency commission to renminbi instead.

Article 9 whoever violates these measures, in accordance with the price regulations on the administration of the People's Republic of China shall be investigated.

Article 10 before release the measures already signed the contract, and the foreign trade enterprises and entrust imports (single) has signed a contract or project entrusted import agreement, procedure of the foreign trade agent rate still or has agreed to perform as stipulated.These measures come into force as of the date of publication, previously issued regulations on import agency commissions shall be repealed simultaneously.

Article 11 the state price bureau is responsible for the interpretation of these procedures.

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