The way of how to correctly grasp the import custo

forimportThe goods, in addition to the approval of the customs temporary entry there are two ways: one isGeneral tradeCustoms clearance, another is inExpress mailWay of imports, in terms of these two kinds of imported form, all have their own advantages.

General trade customs declaration has the advantages of can be large quantities of imported materials, and will provide all the relevant taxes and levies by customs and related costs. The tax for enterprise can have provided tax, tax. But the limitations of general trade imports is very big. One: for bulk and comparing the goods need to use, general trade can reflect it has the advantage of not. Because in the first place it is needed for the customs clearance time is slow (general trade import requirements of various documents, approval must be complete, the handle time will take a very long time). The second: it requires that the imported goods must be separate use trailer separate customs entry, this will cause the rising cost of import goods and the time delay. More suitable for general trade, production of raw materials, machinery and production lines, commodities, such as high value goods.

itExpress mailImports. It's advantage is obvious. First of all, it can not need the shipper to provide the documents and relevant certificates of the goods. Second because it requires that the data is only the commercial invoice and packing list - so of the goodsExpress mailImport the required time and speed is faster, from receiving to import customs clearance of goods to the mainland generally within a day or two. If there are any more goods, can be batch import declaration, so the large number of imported goods also can be takenExpress mailImport operation!Express mailImport more suitable for: IC, communications products, alcohol, cosmetics, treasures leather, small tonnage machines, etc.

And involves the cost of imports, significantly higher than the general trade importsExpress mailImported. Because it requires all fees and taxes are for the single ticket for the goods, but because it can provide the corresponding invoice and tax certificate. The need to have the company, these are indispensable.Express mailFault is not able to import to the customer separately issued by the customs to collect all kinds of invoice, because it is a whole in the process of import goods produced by the import tariff and import tax, and this part of the taxes on imported by the entrusted by thelogisticsCompany of deduction off. But if you have any needs on the bill. Can also through other ways to deal with. Also is perfectly legal. BecauseExpress mailImport for the time spent on things. Orders and expenses are much lower than the general trade. So there are a lot of customers choose more discount this kind of way of imports.

In the context of the above content.Express mailRelative to the general trade import obviously advantage lies in:Express mailImport it takes less time, speed, procedure is simple. Is absolutely better than that of general trade import.

Import of different goods import customs clearance should be chosen in different ways, customers in general are concerned about the import customs clearance of the goods time needed for import, customs clearance fee, the safety of the goods that a few questions. If you can correctly grasp the way of import customs clearance. Will get twice the result with half the effort.

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