Hong Kong customs import and export customs declar

Hong Kong customs intoexportTrade customs declaration formalities according to the intoexport(registration) regulation, all that any items (except for the exemption items)importorexportPeople, must be in goods or importsexportSubmit an import/after 14 daysexportCustoms declaration and pay the fee and levy AD valorem declaration.

All kinds of customs declaration form as follows: (1) the import declaration form a;(2) the import declaration form a armor (only applicable to imported food);(3)export/ transit declaration form 2;And (4)exportDimethyl/transit declaration form (applies only to made in Hong KongexportGarment products (including shoes)).

There are two customs declaration mode:

1. Submit the customs declaration form and submit the customs declaration form ─ visit Hong Kong the cashier's counter and levy fee.This way of written declaration will be in the April 1, 2000.

2. By way of electronic data interchange (edi) declaration ─ through tradelink electronic trade co., LTD. (tradelink) electronic data interchange (edi) service provided by the customs.In the preparation of customs declaration, shall be compiled according to the census and statistics department of Hong Kong's "into Hong KongexportClassification of goods (coordinate system) listed in the latest version of the country/region code, the mode of transportation, and the number of units of goods.The following checklist will help manufacturers prepare customs declaration data.

Prepare customs declaration data with the check list

Notice what item:

Whether the completed declaration form for each column and each Spaces.

Fill in the arrival/departure date is correct.

Fill in the mode of transportation of whether number is consistent with actual adopts the mode of transportation of.

For assembling the goods, whether completed cargo business orchestration of transport bill of lading/airway bill number.

Fill in the packing of whether the number of equivalent to actual delivery.

Is provided with full cif/fob hk calculation.

Unit is in one thousand yuan the following fob, cif/figures are completed within the shadow Spaces.

In China or other countries after processing into the goods of Hong Kong, whether has provided the cif price for the entire quantity, the number should not only include the processing fee.

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