Under collection basis, the exporter may encounter

Collection of the main characteristic is to first shipment, after collection, the exporter can recover the payment for goods, depends on the creditibility of the importer.Under collection basis, the exporter may encounter the following risks:

1. Importer bankruptcy or loss of ability to pay off the debt, to the broker may not collect their or late payment.

2. The goods arrived at importer, the importer has yet to receive the import license, or have not apply to the foreign exchange, or because of the customs laws and regulations change or other reasons, the importers to refusal of payment.

Bank to handle collection business, only according to the instructions of the principal, do not check the documents content, there is no guarantee that the responsibility of payment, such as by the importer to refusal of payment, unless otherwise specified, the bank has no hosting the obligation of the goods.Importer as the goods have been arrived, has to happen at the inlet to pick up the goods, pay import duties, storage, insurance, resale by low price auction or even be transported home loss.

3. Under the condition of d/a, since only the importer on the draft acceptance can get first pick up the goods, the shipping documents once the due payment, exporters will be lost by payment of two empty, therefore, d/a is greater than the risk of payment by d/p

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