Water transportation what are the advantages and d

Can water transportation are low cost, low cost, large quantity, long distance transportation.But water also has obvious drawbacks, mainly transport slow, greatly influenced by ports, water level, season, climate, and disrupted transport for a long time of the year.

Water transport has the following four forms:

1. The coastal transport.Is the use of ships passing close to the mainland coastal waterway transport of passenger and cargo one way, in general use, small vessels.

2. Offshore transport.Is to use a neighboring countries seaways transport of passenger and cargo ships through the mainland a form of transportation, depending on the distance can use medium ship, also can use small vessels.

3. The ocean transportation.Is the use of long-distance transportation form of ships across the ocean, rely mainly on large volumes of large ships.

4. The inland waterway transport.Is the use of the ship in the land of the river, river, lake, sichuan channel such as a means of transportation, the main use of medium and small vessels.

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