Air freight collected packaging requirements and s

___________ should according to the nature of the items, size, weight, delivering distance distance and transportation conditions, choose appropriate packaging materials to packaging, to prevent:

(1) the cover is broken, and internal parts to show;

2 damage processing personnel;

(3) pollution or damage to other mail;

(4) for delivering on collision, friction, turbulence and pressure, climate and damage for the principle.

This soft, dry, compression, does not fear the collision of objects, such as clothes, shoes and socks, etc., can be a cloth or strength of the multilayer paper packaging.Bulky cloth or paper bag, bag outside again using the rope as well glyph banding.If the article such as books, books, paper or cloth packaging, bundling up and down before add cardboard or wood, in order to protect the internal parts, avoid bad.

3. No pressure, afraid of collision or other mail items, easy pollution generally want to use strong pressure of corrugated boxes, plastic boxes, wooden or metal box box packaging.The thickness of the wooden board not less than 1 cm, packing and pay attention to the following:

(1) fragile fragile items, such as glass, ceramic vessels and vessels with these costumes, internal parts and corrugated board between the gap to 2 cm apart, full fill with soft material.The items in the oven if more than one, but also with corrugated paper, sponge, straw and other content GuoZa, in order to prevent the collision damage in transit.

Liquid or soluble items, such as potions, beverages, oil, honey, completely sealed to loaded in the container, then in carton box.Fluctuation space around the place in the oven, can use soft and absorbent material fill in full, the container if it is a fragile fragile goods, have more than one, the container itself also separately GuoZa one by one.

(3) greasy, smell, and easy to wet items, such as ham, salted fish with greaseproof wrapper first GuoZa properly such as plastic bag, stencil, then in carton box.

(4) colored dry powder, such as paint, carbon powder, etc., are to be packed in liquid soluble items, also can use paper bags, put a thicker paper box, but want to use wood waste filling, such as in the tray and oiled paper, waxed paper, etc, in case one thousand, melting stained other mail.

_____ the general foods such as candy, pastry, afraid of touch pressure, with strong pressure corrugated carton box, metal box or packed in wooden cases;Not afraid of pressure, but cloth packing, but want to wrapped in plastic bag, waxed paper, first, to prevent against the tide, through oil melting.

⒌ crop seeds, grain, etc., can be box packing box or thicker cloth, or loaded tenacity strong paper bags or paper tray plus cloth leather;Small number, can use alone carry bag or tough pressure of cardboard box pack.

6. Iron goods, such as knife, cut the hook, taper, packing box, the gap in the cabinet, but also filled with soft material.

But metal equipment and other bulky items, such as parts, equipment, etc., if the pressure, can be packed in thick cloth, with a rope tied up;If no pressure, packing box, trunk space breakable, mutatis mutandis, to fill.Bulky, outside the box with iron straps or plastic strapping, using iron hoop strapping, tin is snug box plate fastened, do not make the iron bulge box or blade sharp spines.

⒏ are shock pressure of the whole or the whole bundle of goods, any rough edges, or with the front edges, protruding teeth and bite, damage pouch or other mail, such as thick steel drum, bearing, wire and other packing box, or a thick cloth in tightly wound cords, or with metal bundle tight;Every edge smooth, smooth appearance, will not damage the pouch pipe and other available or winding up strong cord fabric, etc.

⒐ valuables, such as watches, pocket watches, cameras, gold and silver jewelry, jewelry, precious medicinal materials to hold strong withstand voltage, such as paper or metal box box or in wooden cases, where the gap in the cabinet with soft materials for filling, outside the box with a tough paper packaging, or with sewing cloth.

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