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Five express international express knowledge and description

Express, fast delivery, general is door to door service.International express delivery, but than domestic express, due to factors such as the scope of the delivery and the customs at the port of difference and much more complex.
The packing of the goods
Due to international express shipping space and time is long, in addition, a Courier from shipment to vote, to the rough handling.So the goods inside and outside packing must be strong, can withstand long long journey and many passengers carrying, especially some fragile items should strengthen packaging, if necessary can be packed in wooden cases, but had better not use log, can only be used after processed wood, or to provide the fumigation certificate.Many of the customers is no consciousness about it, which also increase the unnecessary disputes between customers and freight forwarders, such as cargo damage compensation dispute.
Cargo information
For the goods itself, if it is special cargo (such as fake designer, pure battery, etc.) is generally not normal export, of course, this is not absolute, different channels, and not the same as the price is also can be exported, cannot leave the battery, such as DHL UPS can go.In addition, the customer should be prepared before the date of delivery goods Commercial invoice (ltd. invoice) and PACKING LIST (PACKING LIST).Moreover is the declared value must be accurate, because the declared value fill up can produce tariffs, fill a low may be buckle goods, so as close as possible to the real value of goods (also some guests can according to the meaning of the recipient to fill in, for tax avoidance).Most of the time the client will ask how much is the freight company to foreign customs, actually this question is not qualitative, shipping company didn't know.Because each country's tariff policy is not the same, the same products and quantity to the different countries have different customs.For customs whether or how much more than freight company's control.Tax commonly so how much is the bill shall prevail.Some countries need the recipient help when customs clearance, such as Brazil.
The goods delivery
Goods delivery is often is influenced by the size of the cargo and delivery area.Such as the large amount of goods, sometimes several times to send, DHL, UPS is often such operation.Or goods delivery area belongs to the remote, time may be slightly extended range 1-2 working days, you also need to add a remote surcharge, minimum RMB 180 / ticket or RMB 3.6 / KG, the cost usually paid by the sender.It is worth mentioning that TNT and EMS the two channels is not remote surcharge.
The goods weight
International express "KG" as the unit of measurement, general with 0.5 KG for the billing unit (less than 0.5 KG should be according to 0.5 KG, 1.3 KG (1.5 KG), and have the first heavy and continuation.21 kg is to distinguish the goods to the size of the zero line.
International express weight meter bubble, namely chargeable weight take goods actual weight and volume weight the bigger one.Volume weight = (length * width * height) cm / 6000, it is worth noting that the measurements on each side of the longest places shall prevail, and carry calculation.Such as box standard size is 22.5 * 50.8 * 50.8 this cargo should be calculated at 23 51 * * 34.
Cost calculation
International Courier charge is divided into including fuel and does not contain fuel.Such as UPS300KG above to western European countries announced price is 23.2 / KG fuel surcharge is 22% (October), plus fuel, the price is 23.2 * 1.22 = 1.22 / KG, fuel surcharge of assessments is relatively large, so the customer ask whether contain the fuel surcharge in the inquiry.
The big four international express
FedEx FedEx - the United States
Federal express your most impressive is the price, but their service is not cover.Fedex to south-east Asia's big goods have a lot of advantages over 21 kg, and aging is quite fast, 1 to 2 days.
1, the demand for the goods (width + height) * 2 + grew up to or equal to 330 cm, less than 68 KG, this goods need to be calculated at 68 KG to collect fees, still need to charge 2 yuan/KG of handling, shall not be more than 270 cm. The longest and unilateral.
2, if more than one vote goods has a weight of 68 kg, so this ticket less than 68 kg of other goods also need to be calculated at 68 kg charges.Number: 68 * = chargeable weight.
UPS international express in such aspects as price limitation is moderate, not slow, not expensive, hui.But than other express delivery with UPS to Western Europe's advantage, the price is relatively cheap.
1, the demand for goods, goods sheet shall not be more than 68 kg up to 270 cm, long (width + height) * 2 + < 330 cm 
2, additional costs more.Such as wooden packing and ellipse, luggage packing charge a handling fee of HKD 40.
DHL - deutsche post
Compared with UPS, both quite, but DHL often have some special activities, such as the United States (+ 101 kg39 / KG) and some countries in the Middle East.Aging is also quite fast.
Demand for goods, DHL doesn't require the goods (it is good to meet safety).
TNT - Dutch express of heaven and earth
TNT international express whole in general, the price is not expensive nor, aging is not stable, generally, of course, is in the range from 2 to 4 working days.Our company TNT goods are less.According to customer reflect, TNT have different impression to the person, have reflect good, and bad.But overall, TNT can be based on one of the four giant international express, must not "don't".
TNT requirements: the goods sheet shall not exceed 30 kg, maximum size is 100 cm * 60 cm * 70 cm
EMS - national postal
The greatest benefit of EMS is free to return goods, moreover is very cheap price.But the relative limitation of EMS is slow, the service is relatively lagging behind.But general special goods (such as imitation goods, batteries, etc.), select EMS express is a good choice, because the EMS express way is less, and secondly is the EMS express customs clearance ability (is a) government, after all.
EMS to the requirement of the goods: a ticket goods can only walk a, and shall not exceed 30 KG, 0.5 KG per as the calculating unit (how much is this calculation).Be worth what carry is, EMS express is no bubble, is take the actual weight, namely don't demand volume weight (as the saying goes "cargo").

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