The ministry of commerce to strengthen to improve

The ministry of commerce held aTrade and logisticsDevelopment projects, current development of Wang Xuanqing said at the meeting, city distribution, service platform and warehousing and other relevant standards to be released, and again the ministry of commerce will pay special attention to strengthening the construction of logistics standardization and improveLogistics informationLevel, guide the industry development of six key work.For Chinese logistics park "islanding operation, move, or will be a good medicine.

At the 2013 China logistics entrepreneur's annual meeting at the weekend, China material storage and transportation association Jiang Chaofeng and supply chain management co., LTD., chairman of the heavens and the earth remit Xu Shui wave when it comes to the status quo of logistics park in China are pointed out that the question of "island".

Xu Shui wave, according to our countryLogistics parkIsland business abound, crafted, not a line no net.Resulting in logistics park only offline without online revenue, most living on land property income, almost no traffic, traffic, logistics, information flow, capital flow of income, etc.

Under the situation of logistics park operation situation worrying: Jiang Chaofeng said nationwide warehousing profit margin of only 2.6%, Xu Shui wave said warehousing logistics park in China by operating the average return on total assets at about 0.8%.

Jiang Chaofeng further pointed out that the biggest obstacle to lead to can't cooperation between logistics park, is the standard is not unified, the process is not standard.

Jiang Chaofeng in order to solve this problem, puts forward the "catch" grasp the standard "planning advice.He thinks that at present our country must grasp to determine the scale of logistics park and the layout of the basic parameters, the quantity and scale, layout, function, and develop logistics park construction standard, management standards and the standard of green logistics park.

15 October this year, the national development and reform commission issued the national logistics park development plan (2013-2020) ", the ministry of commerce on November 12, hold a national work conference on trade and business logistics deploy six key work.A series of work is actively promoting the national ministries and the logistics industry in China, including the standardization and standardization of logistics park, and after that, put forward Jiang Chaofeng, you need is the related measures and implement, logistics park in convergence of ascension, and logistics park service enterprises for the prevention and control of risk.

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