After online carnival, Courier busy "crazy"

After online carnival, Courier busy "crazy"

In the game "plants vs zombies", often appear a hint language is "a big wave zombie is coming".This sentence, has been unusually aptly used on the express delivery --

CSPB monitoring showed that 11, on this day, the national main version produced order delivery through put about 180 million items, all dealt with express delivery enterprises more than 6000, 1.7 times that of last year.This day, only day cat a hit a day, 152 million packages per minute on average produce 100000 package;On this day, people online spending 2.9 billion, jiangsu province, three days later, a big wave package in jiangsu, jiangsu express face "in the history of the most serious big test".

"These two days have no time to accept your interview, such as a few days!!!!"13 but passion, golden lion in suzhou high-tech zone on the first floor of the building "express distributing area," electric car number plates for 1603355 boys left and going after this sentence.In golden lion building 8th floor at the front of a media company, express pile has became the hill: 11 were from taizhou, zhejiang province, possessing delivery of shipments, 11 16:01 from shandong Qingdao sifang district...Suzhou postal service said, from "a" double tenth day to 12, the day evening, suzhou has handled the eight major brands express enterprises express 1.2097 million pieces.

"A box can hold 30 to 40 package, today already sent after four box", 13, 14, three MAO wangfu street in the lane beside qinhuai yuantong express nanjing branch, 20 square meters of the house almost filled by large and small package.Delivery Courier back Xiong Yabo ready for electric cars, dropping a blue plastic box, bent over, handheld wireless PDA scanning gun, sweep out, bar code won't be free talk between unexpectedly caught a glimpse of reporters, he "day send a maximum of 100 supplied parts at ordinary times, sent more than 200 yesterday, today it has been sent more than 150".Nanjing postal service market management office staff told reporters that 12, 220000, nanjing shentong express delivery to a piece of 160000;YunDa express in and out of a 320000 last year, is expected to exceed 500000 this year.

In north jiangsu xuzhou, also hide not to open a "double" express shock wave of attacks.13 at noon, the reporter walked into the daily express xuanwu sales department, manager Wang Dipeng Fielding phone, with a red pen package destination, from time to time also help workers to stick a seal.The reporter sees, 40 square meters of business department, in the second part of the package has piled up to the roof, front office sent new pieces onto the ground, in addition to a table, the room no waste.

Crazy, not only express the elder brother, and community content canal."Don't send, send not, big one also not agent", about 13, 13, the reporter comes to nanjing JianYeOu star rain Washington district, yuantong express Courier wang miao is here to send the parcel.At ordinary times, he says, 80% of all express on the property, but this property hands are full, refused to accept, put more than 10 pieces of small mail only.Reporters and the JianYeOu Chinese flowering crabapple garden village, I saw the residential property purchase shelves filled up with the parcel.Content GuanXiaoYang said: "not to be able to really busy, now, we are can let the Courier to send door to door delivery, try not to the collecting, unable to stand."

"13, the first wave of express parcel boom has come!"Said assistant secretary of the jiangsu province postal mail Zhao Youcai, at ordinary times, the province "domestic parcel" about 60000 a day, and Monday LanShou quantity is 178000 pieces, has reached about 250000 items on Tuesday.Starting from Tuesday, quantity was also a surge in six or seven, originally the province one day delivery quantity is controlled in 18000, and has reached 36000 on Tuesday, the next two days the data also will be rapid growth.

Efficient means of payment and fast logistics, is the two wings "shopping spree.Last year "double", shipments far exceeds the bearing capacity of the logistics industry, logistics companies are broke, express inevitably became a mail, after a lot of buyers for a shopping spree is not such as are slow to goods, have to find a logistics company to take.This year, the Courier company, holding companies such as suitable abundant, shentong, yuantong, YunDa even decided to more than 100 aircraft in advance.In addition to open "main line", dredge the capillaries, get through the "last mile", also with the Courier company sufficient strength.Ye Lijing shentong express delivery to suzhou company staff, the company from October began to reserve personnel, more than 1000 people from its original increased to more than 1200 people.It is reported that this year the country has more than 1 million delivery person to prepare a "double".

"Double a" blowout, allow the domestic express industry obtained rapid development, but how to prevent "puffiness" after "angry", after the "big test" how to avoid the "collapse", also express industry have to face the next challenge.In recent years, after the baptism of a "double", the domestic express industry developing rapidly, common hardware conditions, corners and ways of cooperation, through the market allocate enough temporary employees and capacity at peak times.CSPB statistics show that the "double a" before this year, the express delivery business investment construction and reforming distribution center, more than 300, 2500 new trunk line train, new aviation daily capacity of 800 tons.A "double" for the express industry brings the feast at the same time, the rapid growth also makes its constitution puffiness, savage growth of express industry can adapt to rely on the intensive labor, will be after a "double" the next wave of the test.

Nanjing university business school said DE zheng thinks, deputy director of the electronic commerce system electricity age itself need electricity and logistics enterprises cooperate with."But to express logistics enterprise must not achieve online peak response capacity, even if achieved, at ordinary times unused is also a kind of waste of resources and system."From the development trend of electricity system will keep high speed development, calls to speed up the logistics system to adapt and follow up;From the point of view of the competition, logistics links, not rely on simple physical labor, management extensive, inevitably incur more customer complaints, from the business approach to deliver, to deliver and so on each link must implement the modernization of science, fine management, otherwise, even with the "double a" rain suddenly jumped up, a wind come over might snap

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