Express violence sorting concerns regulation abili

Recently learned from novice network that ending at 13, 16, the day the cat double 152 million packages produced by about 7 to 11 day has already been shipped out.Delivery peak in the past, on November 12, 13, 14, package transportation peak means express delivery of the final exam is coming soon.A set of packages in the express company sorting place pictures of "flying" on the Internet.Behind this is the size of the logistics enterprise hand-to-hand combat, their melee.

Regulation ability needs to improve

Chongqing sorting place a Courier company staff with throw express of photograph, let netizen are prayer: "never is the package I ordered."

Express company "violence sorting" repeatedly in recent years was exposed by the media.More than double this year before 11, express company, said when accepting a reporter to interview, head for the operation center and distribution center of discharge, the increased loading, sorting, temporary situation, the company will advance to pre-service training of temporary workers, in addition, with the improvement of the company automated sorting level and the strengthening of monitoring ability, which become the main means to curb violence sorting.It is understood that many express company installed cameras in sorting places, to monitor the process, but as a result of numerous branches, generally in the form of spot check.

Express industry experts Zhao Xiaomin said that at present China's express industry in their rapid and shuffling start stage, especially the express industry in the majority with private enterprises, private Courier with franchisees system, headquarters regulation ability also to improve, and ability to cope with cargo explosion situation of management and international advanced level and the gap.Learned, UPS, fedex express companies such as part of sorting or carrying scan documents, put the parcel, all has the strict request, discharge and so on, the enterprise culture is also very emphasis on protection and to express.

The new and old "legion" qi to war

Faced with double 11, Courier companies also fight actively to war.Director of China logistics and supply chain management of high-end alliance Huang Gang express parcel from ali internal volume ranking is roughly: shentong, yuantong, YunDa, include the "three links," won the first four, EMS, motion, immortal huitong, followed by the daily express.

This year China post group's mail upgrade "postal parcel" the amount of more than 1 million, this is the second year of postal parcel to participate in the "double 11".Reporters learned that the Beijing postal business TouDiJu in "double 11" on the same day, same postal parcel delivery quantity more than 10000 pieces, and for more than 4000, 12, delivery volume for more than 6000, expected to 13, 14 days delivery quantity reaches its peak, more than 20000 pieces.

Has always been emphasized the motion takes high-end course should allow "lofty", in "double 11" before launched on November 1, 6 to 7 fold preferential "electricity" service, only more expensive than "cross" 2 to 3 yuan, and claims the move is a long-term strategy, the price war played pretty bloody electricity express field ACTS chill.

, general manager of Beijing shentong MaHongGen believe that last year the social capital into the express industry, many express companies use capital market action increasingly obvious, giving up to grab market share the profits.Many delivery companies in the double season 11 logistics don't make the compensate.It is understood that since this year, all the peak, zhongtong, motion, gain Courier in succession from institutions financing.

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