阿里巴巴 will invest $16 billion to build smart log

阿里巴巴 will invest $16 billion to build smart logistics

According to foreign media has reported that alibaba group plans to 2020 years ago in a $16 billion investment in the field of logistics and support, to revolutionize the retail industry in China.In addition, alibaba or through IPO for an additional 15 billion dollars in financing, alibaba and its partners Courier company and the insurance company will invest a lot of money in the field of supply chain and data centers.

Last year, according to 5.69 billion packages in China, taobao and day cat package accounted for 3 billion.Based on this, alibaba hopes to use the data to assess the supply and demand, so as to pinpoint where investment, and more effective transfer of taobao and days of cats are trading goods, promote the logistics level, can provide the goods to the buyer as soon as possible.

Relevant data show that e-commerce logistics is the development speed of 5-6 times, and the industry logistics dilemma has become the bottleneck of e-commerce development in China."Logistics" to the world, each big electricity heavily on logistics field, logistics war is in full swing.And through the establishment of logistics and support system, alibaba could change the whole retail industry, has taken it to a new stage of development.

In addition, the first army in the field of logistics informationization, intellectualized billion Yang hui technology co., LTD's website "outfit", is committed to build the logistics of the era of socialization of third party logistics information platform.Online in less than a year, then get the favour of the domestic numerous well-known electrical contractor.

In November 2012, the President launched only a month, with electricity giant alibaba officially reached a strategic partnership, promote logistics technology innovation, the overall layout of the logistics field.In June 2013, the President to reach a cooperation with jingdong mall, and complete the online docking, in order to provide the best user experience for the purpose, realize the ability of the logistics industry resource integration.In addition, with another store electricity giant 1 cooperation at present is also active in the coming negotiation.

Electric business giants in succession and outfit to get an electric shock, aims to create a new mode of logistics experience, improving electrical business service and customer shopping experience, reduce logistics costs, improve operational efficiency, for the logistics industry to provide more high-quality, efficient and intelligent service, promote energy conservation and emissions reduction and resource optimization of the whole society.

E-commerce presents the explosive growth, no doubt, to the logistics industry put forward severe challenges.But in our country, the President the positioning of the third party logistics market is still huge outline., according to the survey data of China federation of logistics procurement is the world's third party logistics market accounted for 5% of the total amount of logistics market;In logistics in the developed countries, Germany accounted for 23%, the UK is 34%, the United States and Japan in more than 30%;And really fits a pattern of modern logistics in our country third party logistics accounted for only less than 2% of the domestic logistics market.

From the perspective of the overall situation of domestic electricity enterprises, China's logistics information, intelligence is still in the initial stage.Steps in and integration of the logistics industry and the realization of the logistics information of cross-regional seamless docking, for upgrading traditional logistics to modern logistics, e-commerce has become an inevitable trend of development.The personage inside course of study is expected that by 2016 China will become the world's largest third party logistics market.

Has submitted to the news, ali billions into intelligent logistics, add outfit pattern recognition, intelligent logistics related stocks million YangXin tong, yuanwang valley, hypergraph software, such as zhejiang university network new worthy of attention.

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