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"This year on November 11 to 16, during the 'double 11', the national express business amount to 346 million, 73% more than last year."This is a country the latest statistics from the post office on November 18.From the data that it can be seen that in the past 11 "double", how people enjoyed a shopping spree.The development of the e-commerce industry, driving into the explosive China express industry development.In order to in the shortest time, a minimum cost within the scope of the biggest built operation network, most of the Courier companies to take their the franchise mode.Head office to manage the jagged alliance business, has become a management dilemma express enterprises.During the period of "11" double this year, Beijing financial street a Courier company / 0.19% funding research to the site's boss suddenly disappeared, lead to internal backlog a large number of express delivery.This matter after the media exposure, once again led to express industry "franchise" mode of thinking.And the related administrative department director said in an interview with the legal daily reporter, this is not a easy to break the dilemma.Express site owner referred to run more than 10 days ago, Beijing netizen "Evillive" bought a case of sichuan native kiwi fruit on the Internet.Query relevant Courier information found that her goods on November 8, many had arrived at 4 PM Beijing distribution centres, and began to transport to Beijing, financial street, xicheng district.But until November 12 in the morning, she still have not received the goods.She questioned on weibo YunDa express: "can you send a Courier? Is that a kiwi! Kiwi! To the November 8, 12, also not hair had been almost rotten good? Or are you eating?""Evillive" didn't know it, in the afternoon, YunDa express 21 of financial companies, is heading to YunDa express Beijing headquarters, reflects the problems of the "boss ran".Courier small Liu Xiang media said, in early November 9, guo zhongqing company boss has been instructed not shipment.After a few days the site a backlog of more than 20000 single express mail.Some of them "Evillive" kiwi fruit.On November 14th afternoon, "Evillive" finally received the goods, but she found that most of the kiwi fruit rot.Once again she complained to YunDa express on weibo: "your Courier said Beijing financial street sent a company went bankrupt soon, because the boss ran away, he is the head office of temporary attune, rotten fruit Courier couldn't bear the responsibility, and he also don't know who it belongs to the tube, anyway you want!"Beijing postal service commissioner of market regulation Wang Wentai afterwards to the legal daily reporter confirmed that YunDa express financial street site boss really suddenly left Beijing several days ago, but these two days is back."Not run. Because is developing very fast, their space is not enough, and nuisance complaints, so in order to get a better venue, the boss home to raise money, not with the salesman. Workers at the boss walked, is individual, panic."Wang Wentai said.Wang Wentai introduction, after the incident, found YunDa headquarters in Beijing, the Beijing postal service required to properly handle the backlog of express, let the other site workers to help finish express mail to send, now put these express cleared.On November 18, 19 points 20 points, reporters call the Courier YunDa a telephone, said after wiring in asked about a circle, financial street site still can't send a service.Back to Beijing after guo boss couple, said in an interview with the media suddenly closed not pure because site, also includes the unbearable headquarters in fines.The legal daily reporter learned that, after another large express company has happened franchisees conflicts with the company headquarters, eventually leading to the company more than 10 a closed on the joining trader.The joining trader suddenly disappeared, lead to express the phenomenon of unmanned delivery, piled up in many companies.Joining threshold low lead to chaos scene CSPB latest, according to data released in October, the bureau accepts consumer 13833 effective complaint about express business.Among them, the Courier delay 6403, accounting for 46.3%;Delivery service issues 4105, accounting for 29.7%;Express mail lost and within a short 1923, accounting for 13.9%;Express damaged 833, accounting for 6%...In people enjoy the convenient to purchase the homes at the same time, also on the weibo, post bar is filled with a lot of dissatisfaction with express service complaints.Guo Jie used to work for a large express company in Beijing more than five years, in his view, the express industry many of the fundamental problem, have joined in the lack of management mode."Express delivery industry serious problem at present is to join the threshold is too low. In addition to individual international brand express companies and domestic rare large logistics companies, most of the Courier company by reason of their own capital investment, both in the form of join to form its own delivery network, namely a Courier company can only in individual cities have entity company, develop to the concrete operation network are joining in the form of a personal business, after joining is bound to lead to this kind of operation procedure, the license is not complete, illegal operations, and even cause market turmoil, disordered management, service quality is uneven."Guo Jie said.Guo Jie, for example, have a cash-strapped small Courier company, have their own distribution center in Beijing, but now the goods receipt in langfang, which requires people to send in langfang."At that time, the Courier company will choose to join in langfang to find a local business, so on, everywhere all have after joining trader, only there are entities of the Courier company in Beijing can for collection and delivery of goods all over the country."On March 8, 2011, the national postal service announced the franchising industry (joined) the contract demonstration text, express the joining trader must be get business license of enterprise legal person.This text to the specification express enterprise joining business plays a big role."But, franchisees and express the company's cooperation is very simple, is to sign a contract and pay some deposit, the main purpose of the contract is to set forth the profit sharing details. Some in the Courier company, can be avoided even margin."Guo Jie said.Guo Jie admits, rough handling, did not send the goods on time, DaoQiang is express company such as common problem.Big companies will have better, and the joining trader cannot manage the specification."For example, some franchisees are just a couple of small workshops, in a dozen square meters room, random pile up the goods, the delivery person and how to talk about what management training."Wang Wentai to the legal daily reporters that express industry development has brought about many new problems indeed: "now, at this stage (industry) like Beijing 2000 times of" yellow face 10 yuan 10 kilometers, is very cheap, but the car is not normative; wait until after the outbreak of demand, the state is open the taxi industry, each unit can buy a car, the threshold is low, it is easy to run a rental company, so every unit office leasing company.""But now rental industry norms, from health to the service to price. Express industry is also gradually have a standard process. As a regulator, we found a new problem, also will try my best to solve."Wang Wentai said.Express delivery specification development needs policy support about the rapid development of express delivery industry, Wang Wentai at the other end are familiar to back out of a set of data: "Beijing 2010 express is 2010, 336 million to 2011, by 2012 is 480 million, but only 1 to September of this year, 580 million pieces."Wang Wentai believes that the rapid development of express delivery industry, is largely driven e-commerce."They are only responsible for the single, who will send it? So now express industry more and more important, people cannot leave already."And to keep up with the needs of the development of the e-commerce industry "franchise" has been most express enterprises rapidly expanding online common path selection."Courier company need network, vehicle, sites, personnel, investment is very large, in a short period of time to be developed only by joining the mode. Such as the such a large service area in Beijing, don't let join is impossible."Wang Wentai said.But he does not deny join mode brings a series of management problems."Site problems, traffic problems, personnel quality, the following is the service level."Of course, many objective factors is also the cause of the express industry has many chaos.Wang Wentai analysis: "' double 11 ', for example, in a short period of time has come for such a big quantity, brought very big pressure to express industry; and the Spring Festival, businesses make holiday economy, orders came up, but the Courier is a lot of rural, they want to go home for the holiday, which is a big problem."In addition to require companies to strengthen site management, franchisees for examination, step by step Wang Wentai believes that the national policy level, it is necessary to provide some policy support for the normative development of express industry.Is there a bank "city planning, community service, but there is no express. So Courier companies to take you to find the place, and express although more expensive than regular mail, but is actually a very small profit business, with very large public services industry."Wang Wentai said.Should, he argues, will express industry into the quasi public services, offer certain support on policy, "such as in the field, traffic, etc, to provide some support, in the meantime, the government departments to strengthen the guidance and improve the industry step by step".

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