Shenzhen airport bonded logistics center is conven

Bonded logistics center since October 18, 2010 to start operation, operation environment is increasingly perfect, enrich the business species.Recently, after efforts, in the kingdom of the customs, inspection, under the support of the shenzhen airport bonded logistics center and launched a series of convenient customs clearance policy landing operation, its policy function advantage will be further highlighted.

"Centralized declaration" general trade business, a comprehensive business form

Bonded logistics center in 2012, has been granted to carry out the processing trade goods customs declaration "business" concentration, on the basis of formal approval to carry out the general trade goods customs declaration "business" concentration.At this point, bonded logistics center is to carry out all types of goods customs declaration "business" concentration, to further enrich the business form, operation environment more optimization.

Centralized customs declaration business by simplifying the goods into the center will greatly improve the efficiency of customs clearance formalities, 2 hours will be made by the original business to handle time shortened to half an hour;And save a lot of customs clearance for the enterprise cost, reduce the enterprise's capital takes up, especially suitable for the logistics enterprises provide VMI distribution services to end users.Centralized customs declaration business to optimize the function of bonded logistics center service, enhance their core competitiveness, promote the regional logistics to high-end, drive the regional industrial structure optimization and upgrading, make contributions to regional economic development.

Operating paperless customs clearance, customs clearance to full speed again

Bonded logistics center in November 11, 2013 formally implement paperless customs clearance operation mode, enterprise in this mode only on the system entry declaration form number and upload declaration attached document scanning, can complete the whole process of customs clearance formalities, no need to submit documents to the customs counter.

Paperless customs clearance mode compared with the model before, with the electronic documents to replace paper documents and verified in the system automatically replaced manual audit, truly realized the full digital customs clearance formalities.This mode not only saves the enterprise from the hall of the customs clearance formalities for customs declaration time, reduce the resulting human footprint, and implements the customs clearance business to deal with change throughout the day.Business customs clearance formalities no longer subject to the work of customs officers, customs clearance mode is much more flexible and closer to the enterprise business needs, handling YiJuShuDe.

Go outside the gate operation time, customs clearance time is extended to 24 hours

On November 5, 2013, officially announced the shenzhen airport customs, outside the gate into the brake in the center of the bonded channel 24 hours operation, on the basis of the brake channel also implements operate 24 hours a day.

Bonded center channel outside the gate in and out of the gate after 24 hours of operation, enterprises can flexible use of paperless customs clearance mode and centralized declaration, the restrictive business will no longer be affected by the customs work time, which can realize 24-hour customs clearance, make enterprise business can be more convenient.

Logistics park of the company's future will further strive for the bonded to the customs according to the business development center gate 24 hours of operation, to implement bonded center inside and outside the gate round-the-clock operation.Bonded center at that time, all the existing business can realize 24-hour customs clearance, the enterprises in the center can according to the business need business is dealt with on my own time, maximize the enterprise business conduction efficiency, drive the bonded center business development by leaps and bounds.

Upstream and downstream HS codes automatically for examination and approval, the breakthrough business bottlenecks

Shenzhen customs officially released on September 11, 2013 in bonded logistics center information management system "for examination and approval of the HS code (customs code) for the record" function, is set up through the system function, allows storage enterprises in the center of the HS code and center the same commodity HS codes to establish corresponding relationship of different enterprises, changed the past can only one-to-one relationship, so as to realize rely on technology to solve the goods entering or leaving the center link, do not match the commodity code, the downstream enterprise on the national common problem, which belongs to the first in the country.

In the past, due to the upstream and downstream enterprises in and out of the center of the goods do not match the commodity code classification for the record, to the normal goods can't pass in and out, can only be implemented by single examination and approval by the customs, directly affecting the business operations of bonded logistics center."For examination and approval of the HS code for the record" function break through the bottleneck, enables the enterprise to more efficiently deliver the goods to different customers, and further enhance the bonded logistics center business operation efficiency.

Wade inspection business model optimization, reduce business costs

On September 26, 2013, the shenzhen airport bonded logistics center pilot general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine inspection and quarantine business model began to advance the reform policy, after import export goods from transferring, exempt from inspection, free of charge.

Bonded center after inspection and quarantine export import goods from transferring, exempt from inspection, free of charge mode and its "customs clearance" (before the pattern is only allowed in the first port, allow the customs form before the goods arrive at the port of) the success of the pilot, to further improve the related inspection business process all customs clearance efficiency.According to preliminary statistics, the existing traffic after the effective date of this two pilot policy in the center of the bonded, each year for the service center in enterprises by processing trade enterprises to reduce spending on more than 10 million, effectively reduce the enterprise business to handle the cost.

Shenzhen airport bonded logistics center not only hardware "high-end, atmosphere, grade", and more importantly has absolute competitive advantage has been working hard to build the "soft environment".With the improving of the soft and hardware, shenzhen airport bonded logistics center will occupy high ground, bonded logistics development in south China bonded logistics become the preferred place, high-end logistics industry to create necessary conditions for shenzhen airport development.

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