After the double 11 Courier delivery quantity to s

After the double tenth one, welcomed around the express industry receiving peak, the Courier is in the busiest day of the year.When waiting for the parcel, please more patience and understanding, may express brother rice to eat, work 12 hours a day in a row, move the heavy cargo.So, when you receive the parcel, please give them a smile.

Learned the last two years of a "double" broke in the lesson, the Courier company can't relax vigilance, all ready, "double a" volume exceed 35 billion this year, huge distribution under pressure, this year unexpectedly quick instead, efficient distribution behind, is indispensable to Courier load labor: the six late nine, day to send 200 pieces.

This is one hard money: a week to earn more money than January

"This" Spring Festival "is the industry!"Interview, a Courier for the number of packages are unable to stand, "the amount is too big, could be assigned to the usual".

But the Courier guy "tired and happy.It is understood that the express of wages is commonly "basic salary + commission", to send a goods takes 1 ~ 2 yuan, according to past experience, "double a" express delivery from peak to last for a week or so, some Courier can send more than 200 a day, a week to earn money, more than a month than usual.

When you receive delivery of torn, please express humanitarian voice "thank you"

Courier delivery is busy, too late and clients "pro ChangQin short," it doesn't interfere with netizens after receiving package, say "thank you".Some netizens express gratitude, some netizens also expressed his concern about the parcel, "such as express delivery, can be expected, I express has been squeezed into what look like."Photo shows online, mountain package, squeezed into a slice.Who can guarantee their handpicked things, in this state, can still intact.

This fear, understandable.So choose a suitable Courier company, is also a technical work., for example, if the net friend is local delivery of the goods they buy, is completely can choose the type of Courier service company, reporters search on the Internet for everyone to express, and for a certain brand distribution team, city have promised send straight up straight, the day arrived, even "double 11" or "double 12" this kind of electricity made shopping festival cases, is no exception.

Netizens are summarized: "cat effect" taobao, today you network is crazy.Uncle express crazy tomorrow, the day after tomorrow the concierge is crazy.The day, you find that bought so many things you don't need, you're crazy.Greatly the day after tomorrow, the hospital found that were sent by your cat syndrome "day", the doctor is crazy.

Rational consumption can relieve sequelae detonation storehouse

In each big electric business earn rich of time, the major express delivery companies have suffered, the Courier even without having a bite of lunch, some express companies even suspended the order in parts of the business.

China express company, carrying capacity is not more than 20 million votes, how to deal with daily explosion of tens of millions of tickets online load?

According to reporter understanding, after the electricity business shopping festival, the emergence of express is: foreign express distribution tend to delay a week or so.Package at random pile is inevitable, which creates a security risk.

That is to say, as already noted, choose the Courier that can send straight to straight, may guarantee the express speed and security, but it also limited to city.But online shopping, most or long distance shipments.

Carnival, in general, the "double a" shopping on the surface is to achieve the "win-win", electric big money, Courier companies to win orders, consumers gained, but actually problems, and once the problems are the biggest victims of the consumer.So, for consumers, rational consumption is the key, "price theory" only impulse no good!

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