People asked EMS roll-out express industry

Vigorous"Double 11Carnival "shopping has been the past half a month time, people buy booty is basically in place, their enjoyment. However, there are some Courier are still on the way...

Recently, the sina weibo to appear on a topic of netizens"EMSRoll out express ", within days, to participate in this topic to discuss the number of Internet users has reached ten, this topic also enter the top ten in sina weibo. Believe that in the discussion of the net friend mostly in struggling to express packages waiting for, or used to be EMS customers."Price is high, speed slow ", "poor service attitude" became the netizens complained about reasons, such as EMS dubbed a proud of jiao wang express industry.

  Netizens complained

Love such as the fox: baby, taken at the same time another Courier to the some time, EMS is old man you just??

Small fly: flowers are thanks to wait, to customer service asked, they said too much, Courier hands are full, let wait...I buy down jacket, you let me wear spring!!!!!!!!!!!

The noise he: Qingdao to Beijing, your ya gone more than a week, you really live up to the face!

EMS tip chivalrous man: I think you should changed his name mail, especially suitable for you, is to tailor!

@ phantom dimension digital animation college: EMS real name is hungry slow death, E: hungry;M: slow;S: death.EMS: hungry to walk, so slow to death!

  The injustice of EMS

For online with hardworking americans, EMS also appears very grievance.

Guangdong province,The postalThe relevant person in charge of the company said yesterday, because the Courier has skyrocketed, express mail backlog is the major problems such as express delivery companies have to face.And many express delivery network can't reach to the remote areas, a lot of difficult to send express mail will be transferred to the EMS to send, this greatly affect the speed of the EMS delivery.According to another not to be named EMS insiders said, double after 11 this year, EMS have undertaken by another Courier company for every day to express about 50%.

In addition, EMS has high security, large scale, the advantages of wide coverage, as long as there is the post office is located, EMS delivery, there is no problem, this is other express company cannot do.

EMS, full name China post express logistics co., LTD.Is approved by the state council, jointly by China post group in June 2010 the provincial postal company jointly established state-owned joint-stock company, is operating in China's oldest and largest, the most widely network coverage, the most abundant express logistics business varieties comprehensive service provider.

EMS does have incomparable advantage over other express company, but in private Courier rapid development today, some shortcomings of EMS are increasingly, serious system cubits high tariffs and slow speed its development, the EMS service is more and more by netizens abandon, in the long run, the EMS has the advantage of will be covered by its ills, long-term development of the industry status and market has a bad effect.

And EMS should re-examine and yourself and the current market situation and the development status of competitors, make full use of their own advantages, reasonable allocate resources, and fundamentally solve the above problem, as the largest state-owned comprehensive logistics service providers, constantly improve the level of development, effectively solve the problems in time, to keep the core competitiveness, built to last.

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