Along abundant express has the means to "run"

亚马逊's disclosure of unmanned aerial vehicles express business regulatory difficulties.The United StatesFederal aviation administration (FAA) has said that at present does not allow for any commercial unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) flight.The industry think that the amazon to launch the program in 2015 goal difficult to achieve.The Beijing news reporter learned yesterday, the domestic express delivery businessSuitable abundant speed luckUnmanned aerial vehicle (uav) distribution test has ended, enter the stage of trial operation.

The amazon problem no opportunities

On December 1, amazon CEO JeffbezosIn the CBS television in an interview with "60 minutes" column for the first time revealed a called Prime Air logistics plan.According to the plan, the amazon in the future will use unmanned aerial vehicles to transport small packages, send it only need 30 minutes.Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) flight 16 kilometers, transport less than 2.26 kg weight.

However, the federal aviation administration (FAA) recently in an E-mail statement, self-control drone operation "at the moment are not allowed in the United States".The FAA regulations, only allowed police and enthusiasts using unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), in recent years were only about 1400.

To amazon, according to the federal aviation administration related laws and regulations are actively operating and unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs) and hope that the us federal aviation administration rules can be deployed in 2015 well.

Earlier in the development of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) also express UPS Courier companies in the United States, but the latest news that UPS think unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) express the demand is too small, unable to overcome cost and technical challenges.

In addition, the security problem is the public's biggest concerns for unmanned aerial vehicle.It is thought that obstacles such as trees, wires, tall buildings may make accurate delivery of goods not specified locations on the one hand, on the other hand can also be unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) to drop to endanger the safety of the public.In addition, the wind and weather conditions may cause unexpected problems.

Domestic drones will not face to face with the customer

In September this year, the domestic express delivery enterprises suitable abundant speed luck has beenguangdongProvince dongguan for unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) test.The relevant person in charge of suitable abundant speed luck yesterday told the Beijing news reporter, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) distribution can save labor costs, improve the efficiency of distribution.Current distribution model of uav motion is over testing phase, entered into trial operation stage.

Due to the operation of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) needs to be done by professionals, and to landing site also to have certain requirements, in the future, the uav motion would not directly to the customer, but to carry on the suitable abundant speed luck distribution between different nodes, is mainly to the goods sent to remote parts of manpower distribution is more difficult and slower.

According to the controller introduces, the uav motion distribution is not yet final finalize the design of bearing conditions such as quantity, weight, and no formal promotion schedule clear.The first principle, for security motion is the work environment factors of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) for feasibility.

In addition, the domestic policy of low-altitude airspace is not yet clear, before officially to promote unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) distribution, motion will communicate with related departments.

China's express delivery network chief adviser xu says, the safety of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) flight, professional operation and site requirements are relatively high.Delivery need accurate positioning, higher requirements on technology.

Part is more important, for the United States is located in the suburban villa may work, but in China, because of the low altitude airspace restrictions, dense housing problems of the implementation of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) directly to the customer is very difficult.

Expert opinion

"Technically feasible, regulation is the biggest bottleneck"

Unmanned aerial vehicles experts,BeijingCatic intelligence technology co., LTD., chairman of Tian Gangyin 4, told the Beijing news reporter, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) express and technically feasible, also must become the trend of future goods, but both in the United States and domestic at presentThe lawRegulations and regulatory policy is the bottle neck of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) express promotion.

Tian Gangyin said the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) technology can be realized using the GPS and nowvideoMethods such as geographic location and can be realThe spotMechanization of shipping, and according to the push bar, even in a cluster of tall building structures, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) from the window into the designated place also is not a problem.As to avoid the antenna, buildings and other high altitude obstacle, the field of uav has a mature technology accurately to avoid obstacles.

In addition, from the perspective of cost, Tian Gangyin explanation, the cost of a single drone is high, but the real breakthrough policy bottleneck for large-scale production, can be achieved with traditional Courier costsCompetitive advantage。

Express business by unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), in fact, no surprise, just like a train instead of carriage, the plane instead of the train, the future uavs transporting goods popularity is simply a reflection of modern technology further.As for the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) express may face problems such as low altitude control, artificial damage, theft, more is the issue of legal category.

The difficulties in 1 drone delivery faces regulatory problems

Washington university law professor, said Ryan Calo amazon's schedule may be optimistic, because the FAA to ensure the security of unmanned aerial vehicles, a lot of work needs to be done.Another lawyer also pointed out that the FAA don't keen to push unmanned aerial vehicles.

The difficulties in 2 security is a big problem drones

NBC news, senior editor, edie sea Su Benman, published an article called "one thousand amazon drone crashed into me?"In the article.After many ordinary people have to worry about unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) on how to get compensation.

The difficulties in 3 cost restriction actual using unmanned aerial vehicle (uav)

Wired magazine writermarcusVoerson was thought, if an unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) flight 60 miles to the oldjinshanIt and hold 120 packages of trucks, 120 aircraft to fly at a speed of 120 miles per hour to San Francisco high cost and low efficiency.

The difficulties in four unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) may face problem

Colorado Deere terrell areas currently in discussion whether by allowing shooting unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) bill, a local resident, even already has begun offering courses on "how to shoot unmanned aerial vehicle (uav)".Some netizens said: "I don't want to hear the noise of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) every day."

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