Huawei European logistics center was put into oper

The opening ceremony of the 3rd huawei European logistics center was held in Budapest.The Hungarian prime minister orban and China's ambassador to Hungary, xiao qian and attended the activities.

It is understood that the logistics center is located in the outskirts of Budapest Biatorbagy, storage area of 30000 square meters, the year of 1.5 billion for the amount of import and export goodsThe dollarThroughput is expected to reach 500000 cubic meters, logistics, radiation in Europe, central Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the next two to three years will indirectly to create 500 jobs for Hungary.

As early as in 2009, huawei has invested the European supply center in Hungary, covering Europe, central Asia, the Middle East, Africa and so on nearly 70 countries and regions, by the end of 2012, for the local created about 1500 jobs.In the next few years, it would also greatly increased investment in Europe and local employment, provide more localized for European customers, rapid and high quality service, provides the leading solution for local digital construction.

Huawei company LuYong northeast European teams President said in an interview with our reporter, huawei has been sticking to the development of globalization and localization strategy, Hungary is one of the most important market in central and eastern Europe, huawei huawei on this investment construction successively the European supply center and logistics center of Europe, Hungary construction into huawei's second largest global supply chain network hub, at the same time is committed to promote the development of local employment and other supporting industries.

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