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As the first airline to eat to electricity "crab" pioneer, hna regret to provide no success for others to follow. Yesterday, the reporter learns exclusive, hna commercial hna group holdings co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "hna business") investment founded in 2011, is a comprehensive shopping website "PCR life net" already closed, and this has been as "China's largest and most secure integrated B2C service platform" death, also reflects the hna octopus type business development model is embarrassed situation.
Public data shows, in March 2011, hna business announced the new "PCR life net", into electricity. The site was launched on March 29, the goods involved in food and beverage, beauty care, hutch clean, maternal and infant toys, electrical appliances, household, nutrition, health care and other broad categories.
Yesterday, the reporter found, the optimal yue life network site no longer exists, the customer service phone is used by other companies. Hna to open weibo "PCR life net", and frequently published related promotions, but news update in April 2012, an abrupt end, it is not difficult to infer the e-commerce sites can only survive a year is over. On the weibo, can still see "my ideal is to build China's best fashion boutique shopping website, I didn't give up, and you?" But such optimism seems to be consistent with the present situation of the site has not.

For why had been high hopes of the e-commerce sites shut down, hna business officials responded by saying, "because when the team in charge of 'optimal yue electrical contractor has dissolved, so it is difficult to further explain the specific time of shut down and the reason. On the other hand, traditional business and the management mode of electricity there is a big gap, the company has been trying to can make both the coordinated development of the business, but in trying to find is not suitable for and problems".
Former director of civil aviation management cadre institute Tian Baohua said: "in the past two years the electricity hot temptation for hna. But it is well known that hna acquisition spree has led to a large number of idle or inefficient assets to gobble up profits, then, based on the change of external economy and internal pressure, capital needs of the company in 2011 launched the internal restructuring." Data show that hna was in four months off more than 230 companies, more than 400 projects, withdrew south China, north China, northeast China, and many other regional headquarters and platform company.
For hna suffered defeat "electric shock", wang iresearch consulting analyst graceful thinks, at present domestic B2C market competition is fierce, hna were to do the industry first, but cats, jingdong and day compared to the large B2C electrical business such as almost no advantages in technology, purchasing, etc. Hna on logistics have a certain condition, but in recent years, electricity price competition is increasingly fierce, hold a full pack mail, express profit plummeted in the field of logistics, and e-commerce and it's burning money early intervention, both interaction, hna electricity burn money stage is difficult to survive.
However more it is worth noting that although many times in terms of business, investment and
other encounter twists and turns, but hna does not appear to have slowed the pace of expansion. , a navigation enterprise executives declined to be named, told reporters that "hna a bit can't now, because of its many mergers and acquisitions investment, it is to encircle money seems to be to Banks and investors to see and do. However, for the purpose of capital operation, investment projects, to timely shooting is not as easy as imagined.
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China Eastern by logistics advantages into fresh electrical contractor
Despite hna on electric business try experienced twists and turns, but the industry did not stop the pace of electrical business continues to move into. The reporter learns yesterday, China Eastern airlines has low startup called "eastern origin direct net" electric business platform. It is worth mentioning that China Eastern's electricity is mainly made of fresh category, and stressed that "from the origin to the table" straight for the model, with its route network and procurement advantages into fresh electric field.
According to reporter understanding, China Eastern origin direct network by China Eastern airlines co., LTD., eastern airlines logistics co., LTD., to undertake, earlier this year launched operations, enable the new domain name back online in early August. In the industry point of view, the site relying on China Eastern airline network and globalization and intensive procurement advantages, and combined with China Eastern express distribution network, is an attempt of eastern logistics business transformation.
At present, the site is still in the early online, the business includes fresh fruit, ice, fusi, 58 kinds of products such as dairy products, alcohol, most of them imported goods. In terms of distribution, China Eastern airlines direct network currently only supports the Shanghai local, provide the following day, day with free shipping services, and to 99 yuan, currently only support online payment in terms of payment. However, according to people familiar with the China Eastern origin direct offline step will open to the customer and the function such as cod, "according to the China Eastern internal development plan, the site will be available on the future".
Support in the industry point of view, China Eastern origin direct network layout is the developed logistics network of the whole country. For fresh electricity, cold chain logistics is one of the most important competitive power, and in the distribution link, from fresh origin to the city's main transportation has basically there is no problem, the key lies in "the last kilometer" of "home delivery". China Eastern said, China Eastern, China Eastern express in the field of domestic special Courier has have a certain competitive power, enough to support the development of China Eastern national electricity layout planning. At present, the origin is straight for fresh electrical business one of the main marketing brand, including cats, shop no. 1, the optimal motion and cofco I buy nets, electricity enterprises were launched overseas direct pick fresh items.

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