亚马逊 push UAV delivery within 30 minutes
Diapers and Kindles delivered to your doorstep not by truck, not by plane or train — but by drone? 亚马逊 CEO Jeff Bezos says that this reality may be just four or five years away. In a interview with Charlie Rose on CBS’s “60 Minutes” Bezos showed off 亚马逊-branded drones that he says can travel 10 miles and carry packages weighing up to five pounds to doorsteps in less than 30 minutes. “These are octocopters,” Bezos said in the interview. “These are effectively drones, but there’s no reason these can’t be used as delivery vehicles.” You won’t be seeing them anytime soon — the FAA has yet to release rules about how unmanned flying vehicles may be used — but Bezos said he thinks 亚马逊 could start offering a “Prime Air” service within four or five years. “It will work, and it will happen,” Bezos said. The truth is that the FAA will ultimately decide that.
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