DHL eCommerce to narita airport in Japan new cross
DHL eCommerce announced that will set up new cross-border exports in Japan's narita airport electricity distribution center, the project is expected to be completed in April 2017. DHL said the narita airport distribution centers for the Japanese market and the characteristics of online merchants, providing cost-effective customized service, will let the Japanese online retailer through more contact with European, American and British consumers. We have learned, narita airport distribution center from the delivery time is expected to be delivered to 4-6 working days, and Japan most logistics enterprises difficult to achieve the speed. In addition, in addition to narita airport distribution centres, DHL, DHL GlobalMail Packet Plus can also provide Japan's exports to Europe's cross-border logistics service, delivery time is 5 to 10 working days, and will have a set of highly transparent package condition monitoring system. The new cross-border export distribution center in Japan is just part of a DHL electric business expansion in Asia.DHL also recently announced a investment plans in India - its will to aviation logistics invest 70 million euros in the India's Delhi, mumbai, in order to improve the domestic B2C delivery ability. Announced in June, DHL eCommerce in China shenzhen, Shanghai, Hong Kong set up distribution center, will let the DHL electric business the biggest shipments of more than 1.3 million each year.DHL hoping to let its overall business growth in China reached 50%. In January of this year, DHL eCommerce has also begun its domestic distribution business in Thailand, and announced that will put the team in 2017 and 1 times the number of employees.
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