The Norwegian postal third quarter revenue fell 1.
Norway post recently reported that, in the third quarter of 2016 operating income of 157 million kroner, fell by 200 kronor.Operating income of 5.934 billion kroner, fell 1.8% from a year earlier. Tone, chief executive of Norway post Wille, according to the amount of email group is on the decline sharply.In 2016 by a number of cost saving measures and new investment in the field of logistics, the company's long-term performance will be improved. Mail volume is declining, not just the speed of the decline is increasing.The first nine months of 2016, Norway has address mail volume decreased by 11.7%, and in recent years, the average slip velocity between 5% to 8% next year. The mail, so far in the field of operating income () in the first nine months of 181 million fewer than 2015 kroner, earnings before interest and tax to reduce 8700 kroner. Tone Wille said the company has taken many significant cost savings measures, make the operation to adapt to the increasingly weak market.Company firmly believes that many measures will have a positive impact on performance.To strengthen the company's ability to compete in the long run, the company has 18 in Norway to investing in a new logistics network center. At present, the Norwegian postal e-commerce business volume has increased by 13%.
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