Changes occurred in the international import, cust
Recently learned that has some countries to adjust their import, customs clearance rules, adjust the tax rate range, receiving information, etc. It is understood that the local government of Egypt to adjust the tax rate of the country's products to be imported, most products rate increased significantly.If a customer is to send to the country's tax rate in doubt, suggest to contact the recipient before the shipment to know the latest rates.If the product as a result of the recipient refuse to pay the tariff, all charges will be borne by the sender. Postal notice, at the same time, Singapore has the goods sent to the Philippines, must with accurate information about the recipient address and zip code must be included in the zip code should be included in the address information the penultimate line address, the recipient apartment number must be on the same line with building name, street name and street type can be separated from a line. The personage inside course of study reminds, each big cross-border electricity sellers, to pay close attention to export country, the change of local laws and regulations in a timely manner according to their own situation to make corresponding changes.
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