The general administration of customs of cross-bor
On December 10 for cross-border electricity import business, the general administration of customs has send announcement no. 75, way to add column of customs supervision code "1239", namely "bonded A cross-border trade e-commerce".This code is applicable to domestic e-commerce enterprise through the special customs surveillance zone or bonded logistics center (type B) into a line of cross-border e-commerce retail imports.At the same time, tianjin, Shanghai, hangzhou, ningbo, fuzhou, pingtan, zhengzhou, guangzhou, shenzhen, chongqing and other 10 cities for cross-border e-commerce retail import business for temporary regulation of "1239" shall not apply.The personage inside course of study analysis, the general administration of customs the essence of which is to have let go of the import business of simply legalized, and pilot is separated from other management, is good for cross-border electricity imports. In fact, the general administration of customs in 2014, according to the new trade form of cross-border electricity, add the two code "9610" and "1210", corresponding to direct mail and bonded business.The again for cross-border electricity import business of a code "1239", there are a lot of companies say look not to understand.Business people in the hall of fujian province to our reporter said that the customs supervision way code is in order to meet the different supervision regulation, taxation, import and export goods under the statistical requirements.The code "1239", is applicable to other cities of cross-border electricity import business.That is to say, "1210" pilot cities continue to apply code, and other cities with "1239" code, separate management. Conduct electricity import and export business for many years, mr.lee told our reporter, this is a cross-border electricity import business an unstoppable trend, the general administration of customs may consider full liberalisation of cross-border import business.He said, referring to, although only 10 pilot cities, cross-border electricity import business has been clicked.According to incomplete statistics, already bonded straight for cross-border city have 30.Li pointed out that "1210" code only applies to cross-border import pilot cities, while the other has to carry out the business of city customs may be embarrassing.So the new code by the general administration of customs, actual it is the comprehensive legal import business."' 1239 'code, a lot of the cross-border pilot city departments and relevant enterprises are imported."Lee said, "4.8 cross-border electricity imported new emphasis on the customs form problem will be solved sooner or later. But if Mr Lee stressed that cross-border electricity open up import business, rely on subsidies to pull sales would happen.He introduces, through his company distribution last October to chongqing diaper, in the year to October and inventory, visible cross-border import increment is not so big, many cities to do this business is on impulse.In addition, due to cross-border electricity import policy is unclear at present, many enterprises new import business downturn, after investment do cold chain is undaunted.In addition, the exchange rate changes impact on cross-border importers is fatal.Therefore, cross-border e-commerce retail import business will continue to explore ways to more convenient, fair trade.
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