China guangdong South Asia freight trains thermal
, according to latest first guangdong South Asia thermal fluid activity trains 11 successful arrived in Nepal's capital Kathmandu. The trains from guangzhou in late November 30, the chengdu-chongqing railway and the qinghai-tibet railway, spent 86 hours to reach Lhasa, again through the motor transport to the port of Kuala Lumpur, eventually to Kathmandu, the 6070 km (5200 km) 5200 kilometers of railway, highway, railway running time 5 days. The trains were carrying eight standard cabinet and 14 box car goods, mainly clothing, furniture, appliances and electronic products and other goods, value 19 million yuan.According to calculation, guangdong south Asian trains thermal fluid activity after a period, is expected to guangzhou via Lhasa, xigaze to Kuala Lumpur frontier ports transport limitation to 3.7 days.Regarded as the successful example of "area" strategy, China will be from the traditional maritime transport of goods between the two countries time more than 20 days to shorten to 6 days, the future will gradually extend to south Asian countries such as India, Pakistan. The relevant person in charge of consulate general in Lhasa Nepal said, "the opening of the guangdong south Asian trains thermal fluid activity will greatly promote the development of the economy, and promoting china-nepal exchanges between the two countries, I hope the train to China and Nepal more closely together."
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