Austria a steady income for the postal service in
Recently, the Austrian post published 2016 years ago in the third quarter revenue, for 1.5104 billion euros.This is more than 2015 years ago, three quarters of 1.7465 billion euro fell.Austrian post, according to the income difference is mainly due to the reason in April 2016, the sale of its former subsidiary trans - o - flex. Austrian post said, excluding sell trans - o - flex, the influence of revenue compared with a year earlier remained stable. Company earnings before interest and tax for euro 135.5 million, an increase of 0.2% over the previous year. As Austria's largest postal business, email the business continue to be the impact of electronic communication continues to replace traditional communication. Austria also said that the postal mail & branch network department the first three quarters of 2016 years ago in a slight drop in income 1%, to 1.0783 billion euros.In contrast, increase the parcel from online shopping.Although the competition is intense, Austrian post to further increase the domestic business income.Excluding the sale subsidiary trans - o - flex, the influence of package & logistics department in 2016 years ago, three quarters of revenue growth was 3.5%. Austrian GeorgPolzl postal chief executive, said the company's first priority is to further strengthen the group's profit ability, with innovative solutions, and continuously expand the service, for the interests for the customer.At the same time, the company will continue its efforts to optimize the cost and improve efficiency.
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