Natural and man-made, the multinational cross-bord
Recently learned that the parcel released by south China update notification sent to parts of the package information, specific as follows: Cargo increase due to peak season, and as the Thanksgiving and Christmas approached, U.S. customs cargo overstock, as a result, all the goods sent to the United States a import customs clearance and subsequent delivery will be delay;For personnel and logistical difficulties, on November 21, 2016 to January 15, 2017 to suspend sent to Guatemala's mail services (including registration, mails, EMS). Ukraine's Crimean region and the country no mail delivery service, please pay attention to so as not to cause the product;On December 7, a magnitude 6.8 earthquake in the Indonesian island of Sumatra, recently sent to mail or delivery service in the region will be delayed;Informed by Singapore postal, association of Greek civil servants and workers will strike on December 8, the recent Singapore postal sent to Greece products (registered, mails, EMS) transit and delivery will be delay. In addition, informed by HongKong post, recently due to mail the backlog of Pakistan's transit center happen, therefore, all the goods sent to Pakistan from Hong Kong will likely be delayed.
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