FedEx opened import express business in India
Recently, the FedEx opened import express business in India, further expand the business scope in this rapid economic development of countries. India's importer in an effort to seek reliable tailored express business, FedEx the opening of the new business and export business and domestic business to meet the growing customer demand.FedEx announced that import business can provide for the customer delivery to door, customs clearance, made-to-measure and determine the time limit, thus offer more options for Indian customers import cargo and monitoring. FedEx said the import business of shipping time, generally for two to three days, the business scope all over the world more than 220 countries and regions, FedEx rank first in India all import business suppliers. The business also can make the Indian customers to rupees to invoice and payment, so as to enjoy the same FedEx export business and domestic business are equally convenient and high-quality professional services. Zhao Sujuan translation FedEx Express India
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