UPS import controls new type freight services
Ups company recently launched a new freight services - "import control service", the target audience for the importers and carriers in the united Arab emirates. The service is called "the most comprehensive inbound freight solution", by using the service, the enterprise can be in another country in the united Arab emirates LanShou freight and package service, at the same time can be delivered to the services covered more than 100 countries and regions, can be shipped to your company, the company can be shipped to a third party. Consignor "self-help" through the ups WorldShip freight software, to manage the shipping label, the creation of a commercial invoice and billing information. With the aid of a clerical error reduction, cargo in transit time shortened, and through the Quantum View service freight for enhanced visibility, the united Arab emirates (uae) enterprise can improve its influence in the global market, at the same time reduce the cost of its bottom line. For the united Arab emirates (uae) to a third party shipping business, commercial invoice to delete options can be confidential to the value of the goods.Importers can also coordinate the freight between the two countries, at the same time will cost information transmitted to an intermediate point.For example, an enterprise is located in the united Arab emirates (uae) can be launched in the us the transport of goods, destination for the Chinese, at the same time will cost information transferred to the united Arab emirates. Ups company general manager John Tansey said the united Arab emirates company, with the aid of "import control service", the company can help the enterprises to control the import of the goods in the united Arab emirates, with enough to ensure the accuracy of the import and consistency, to avoid delays. Source: national post office XinBing sea since the UPS
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