DHL for the German electronic retail online store
Recently, the DHL supply chain company cooperate with German electronics retailers ProMarkt, newly created for the latter's online store provide warehousing logistics business, including LanShou order processing, package, storage, packaging, LCL shipment and return. To provide integrated logistics is an important standard logistic ProMarkt choice.The company said that DHL has a national logistics distribution networks, especially in the washing machine, TV, refrigerators and other large home appliance transportation and expanding services have bigger advantages.Network shopping every day packages up to 10000 pieces, the DHL near gottingen, fort TaoFen processing center, high requirements are put forward. DHL has rich experience in service remote sales, can be customized logistics solution for online businesses.For example, the delivery deadline can be delayed until at 9, this means that for later received orders can the product delivered to the customer the next day, it can add new selling points for online retailers.DHL is not only responsible for door-to-door delivery, but also can be installed and disposal of the old home appliance, therefore, ProMarkt online customers can also benefit from the comprehensive service of DHL. Source: national post office Li li is the CEP - Research
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