Swiss post has welcomed new postal law
Swiss post has welcomed new postal law that the future will be the restructuring postal service and gain more freedom to participate in competition. After four years of discussion and debate, the house of lords, Switzerland, in early December through a new legislation on the structure of a local postal service in the future.At first, with the full liberalization of planning, Swiss post will retain franchise of 50 grams of the following email. Swiss post stressed that the new legislation can make the postal service in modern adjust and enjoy more freedom to perform various tasks.These prerequisites is essential, can make the Swiss post become competitive service provider, to provide quality of universal service in the future. As a major Swiss postal service provider, Swiss post is shouldering the universal service obligation.New legislation stipulates that Swiss post has the same as the other postal operators competition conditions, at the same time, also for Swiss post to determine the legal framework, to endow them with free enterprise. Swiss post to get satisfied with modern legal status, giving it freedom and enterprise employment relationship.At the same time, the Swiss post also can be legitimate financial institutions built independent listed companies, strengthen the postal financial in the retail market is like in financial status, but the postal financial has not yet independent lending permission. Source: national post office Zhao Sujuan translation of CEP - Research
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