The United Nations and deutsche post extend humani
Recently, the UN office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs (UN OCHA) with deutsche post DHL company to renew three-year partnership. Deutsche post DHL company executive vice President for public policy and the sustainable development of Rainer Wend said, "in the past five years, the company in the field of disaster management and the UN office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs of cooperation is very successful. The cooperation with the company to the logistics delivery to help people in need of help, and the company very much look forward to working with the coordination of humanitarian affairs office again three years of cooperation in the future." In close cooperation with the United Nations, deutsche post DHL to help the affected countries in the local government and humanitarian relief agencies reserve supplies at the airport.Office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs benefit to Germany DHL postal logistics Courier and their professional ability of warehouse.DHL, on the other hand, the "disaster response team's job is to participate in humanitarian relief operations, so in case of serious disasters, benefit from the UN and other international organizations of strong ability of contact. Deutsche post DHL global disaster response teams "is composed of three groups, each group is assigned to a specific region, including the asia-pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East and Africa.Each team consists of about 80 trained DHL employees, these employees are voluntary unpaid to join in humanitarian relief activities.When there is a sudden event occurs, the volunteers could in a disaster area to do a good job of logistic allocation within 72 hours.Each team in a region the average stay for 2 to 3 weeks, in urgent cases, the group of every ten people round to ensure highest level of transportation service. Source: national Post office Li Yiyi from Deutsche Post DHL.
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