Russia will shorten overseas postal online parcel
According to Russian satellite news reported recently, Russian online trade enterprises association chairman alexei fee much rove says, in 2017, Russia will be put under 2 kg overseas postal parcel delivery time from 45 days to 7 days, but the freight will also rise in the average of $0.5. Experts say it is because the January 1, 2017 Russian yakutia in Siberian hinterland of republic of China postal mill within the city, the only one international mail exchange station receive regular mail.Now the country 12 international exchange stations receiving the spam mail.This will force foreign postal service can only send registered mail to Russia.Currently most under 2 kg packages are online ordering goods from abroad. Fee rove says, "Russian post inside the mill is chosen to make foreign postal service send regular mail to Russia, no longer because deal with the mail for Russian post is expensive and difficult job." According to the universal postal union convention, the mail arrived at the customs before fees paid by the foreign postal service. Experts said that at present 90% from foreign shop package is ordinary mail.According to online trade enterprises association data, sent to Russia package is 90% online store from China, 4% from eu countries, and 2% are from America. It is reported, 2017 registered small fee standard is the same as in 2016.
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