The Netherlands in the third quarter performance i
The Dutch postal company recently announced that the 2016 third quarter results in line with expectations. Third-quarter revenue stability for euro 770 million than in the third quarter of 2015 (10 million euros), potential cash business income growth of 4 million euros, up to 27 million euros.Third-quarter profit rose 2 million euros to 2 million euros.A mail site fell 5.9%, but the parcel volume growth of 12%. Netherlands, chief executive of Herna Verhagen said the company in the third quarter performance in line with expectations.Year-to-date performance of the company confidence in the year's target.Can confirm that 2016 potential cash business income in 220 million euro between 260 million euro. Netherlands, said in the third quarter, the company has made further progress in innovation level, this is one of the driving force for the company's strategy.Company's on-demand backed off a service, door-to-door LanShou parcel service have taken place in the national customer demand for the company the same day service at the same time is also increasing.Acquisition Yourzine and Searchresult two companies can make the company to further expand in data driven marketing service ability, consolidate company in straight after the position of marketing.All these will help to achieve the company in a particular market become the target of postal service and logistics solutions provider. In addition, the company will further improve the financial situation, use some sell shares of TNT express ways to reduce the company's debt.So the company can be repeated in 2017 restored dividend commitments.
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