Online delivery speed sell tong announced FedEx IE
Cross-border electricity peak season has the most, as last Christmas festival, Christmas shopping consumer activities began.Express into a piece, but a lot of Christmas plus climate factor in some countries, such as the United States, logistics is not very smooth. Released yesterday, eBay logistics information, said the U.S. northwest Oregon winter storm attack, logistics and communication delay, suggest the seller with the region in the near future the seller's business to be patient.A few days ago, dunhuang nets also received a Fedex delivery notice, due to air shipping space restrictions, for its use daily 250 kilograms of cargo lines. Also because of the freight before Christmas, speed sell tong also received federal express logistics adjustment notice.At present, the use of federal express Courier (FedExIE) economy shipping to North America (the United States, Mexico, Canada) package, the delivery time will be extended, and FedEx priority service IP (FedEx) limitation will not be affected, the normal delivery. In order to guarantee delivery timeliness, speed sell tong said he would on December 13 - December 18 suspended online delivery warehouse, yiwu warehouse in hangzhou and Shanghai warehouse FedEx express (FedEx), IE economy line of North America (the United States, Mexico, Canada) services, December 19, the recovery.In the meantime, FedEx priority service normal receiving IP (FedEx). It is important to note that to have chosen to FedEx IE service and delivery goods to warehouse, warehouse will, in turn, shipment, expected to completely delivered within this week.And upper package, the seller can consider to use FedEx IP, or use Xu Changcang, Qingdao warehouse, warehouse, yiwu warehouse in hangzhou and Shanghai warehouse, warehouse in wenzhou of UPS services.The seller should be in advance and buyers to communicate.
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