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Reports in the media from the United States recently learned that wal-mart spokesman said on Friday (Dec. 9), wal-mart to invest $1.3 billion in Mexico, improve electricity business operations of the wal-mart in Mexico.The investment will be used for the improvement of logistics services, mainly involving for wal-mart's electrical business operations and entity shop to build new distribution center, expansion and update the existing logistics facilities. Wal-mart Mexico executives on Wednesday (Dec. 7) with Mexico's President enrique, pea, Mr To join an activity when announced the investment plan, said the plan is expected to create ten thousand jobs in Mexico. Wal-mart spokesman said the Internet Retailer in charge of Latin America, wal-mart is not yet decided the new logistics center location or size."We expect most of the investment plan will be completed in the next three years. As for the new logistics center construction, as we continue in places far away from the existing or new logistics center to open stores at the same time."He said."We do not share the details of the logistics center space layout or system, but we also consider the investment to modernize of existing logistics center renovation and expansion." Wal-mart in its until October 28 in the third quarter earnings, said Mexico's electricity increased by about 20% in the third quarter.Electricity in the United States, wal-mart said growth faster than the growth of global business, but did not provide the exact growth figures.At the same time it also said that the 11 electric business site in the global sales in the quarter rose 20.6% year-on-year, increased by 16.8% in the total cost of the commodity. Mexico is Latin America's second largest economy, behind only in Brazil.By 2018, according to Forrester Research data, Mexico's electricity sales are expected to be 107% growth in 2015 from $2015 to $6 billion.In addition, according to Top500Guide.com, according to data from the 2016 Internet Retailer online retailers in Latin America, and 52 of the top 500 of electricity sales increased by 23.3%, to $1.93 billion.
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