The post office and to strike five days!Sellers wa
Understands from the British media recently reported, the post office plans to close more than 60, the post office employees to problems such as unemployment and retirement, so the postal staff will again on December 19, began a five-day strike. Although the post office said it will minimize the impact of the strike, strike, however, the busy Christmas season in a year, many people worry that consumers don't receive package on time, the strike for British electricity sellers is a very bad news. December is a lot of electricity sellers harvest year maximum sales period, such as Bonhomiegames. UK website all Jo Watkins is one of his main board and card games."Frankly, the influence of strike is very bad, Christmas sales accounted for 60% of a year. I would like to have people to buy early, to ensure the goods can be delivered on time, but the strike will definitely affect sales. The next weekend would have been very busy, but I'm worried that people may now be not go to shopping, although the post office promise to be normal operations." Watkins said the company has been pushing this week sales promotion to boost sales, and now the biggest problem is that consumer confidence. Essex chamber of commerce, policy director of the David 'Burch said that the strike will affect businesses, "this will cause potential problems. Many small businesses use postal send parcel. If you can't use the postal, unable to send the goods to consumers, merchants can give businesses. Both enterprises and individuals, the strike is to let them be disappointed and regret." In addition to the seller, also received the influence in other industries.Books popularization setups so Public Relations director Helen Lewis said that Christmas publishing industry is busy, book sales surge."No matter how to send the books this year are expected to delay, and strike to further aggravate the problem." Lewis also try our best to minimize the strike, the influence of early plan, ensure that let more people know the strike plans. Retail marketing Savvy, chief executive of Catherine Shuttleworth, said her company was looking for alternatives, "there are more and more express delivery enterprises on the market, the UK postal strike let me tend to find other way to meet my delivery requirements."
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