亚马逊 or developing truck version Uber, launched
According to sources, amazon is developing an able to truck driver with a matching application logistics demand of users, with $800 billion to enter the market of the trucking industry, and indirectly reduce the amazon logistics cost.The application is scheduled for the summer of 2017. This app can let the truck drivers are more likely to find the consignor of the goods need to check in.Its business model is similar to the Uber to help the driver directly find passengers, avoid being taxi companies take part of money.At present, the truck freight area by a third party company (logistics company) control, these companies extracting 15% of the cost. Sources said that the app can display real-time price and truck driving route.It also has some personalized features, such as recommended restaurants by the road, to the driver pickup and discharging route advice.In addition, the app will display the tracking information, payment options, to speed up the delivery process. In order to control the rising logistics costs, amazon is gradually set up its own logistics system, control the whole shipping process.In the past years, 亚马逊 purchase thousands of semi truck and dozens of cargo plane, also launched "the last kilometer" express service 亚马逊 Flex, crowdsourcing express way will package to the customer's hand.
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