The United States postal free AR application
A few days ago, the United States postal launched a free AR AR application in intelligent mobile phone, compared with the elves to treasure the dream Go, this AR application a bit less competitive, more Christmas reindeer. To use this application, you need to choose the us postal service priority mail.The sender can choose two different types of animation: under the Christmas tree lights or a reindeer next to the ice penguins and other animals. Us postal service customers and marketing director and chief executive vice President James cochran said in a statement, through priority mail service to send and receive holiday gifts, the company's application will pass pleasure for the customer, and increases the special ornament. The application of the operation is simple, the recipient from the us postal service official website as a free download, and then scan priority mail on the side of the Track and Insured "blue shield logo. The application also allows the receiver to shoot photos or video with experience, so they can save and send.Can also create a "thank you" message, which including the snowman, gingerbread character animation. It is reported, this is not a us postal service using augmented reality technology for the first time.Christmas festival in 2015, the United States postal service has introduced a with peanut as the theme of the AR application. Learned, is expected this year will be a busy Christmas post season.Us postal service is expected to deliver more than 16 billion items, including 750 million parcels.Fifth year in a row, it will be the parcel is growing at 12%.
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