South Korean media: China replace the United State
South Korean media said, China's airlines with cheap air tickets, is becoming a had been dominated by the United States, the Middle East and European airlines new global aviation market of the strong. South Korea's chosun ilbo newspaper website reported on December 16, last year, the American airline industry statistics released by OAG aviation information companies, and shock: in terms of number of direct flights in the United States - China, China airlines beyond American airlines for the first time.American airlines industry think that this is China replace the United States, began to master the Pacific direct route signals. According to the report, in the international aviation market strategy in China, the most powerful weapon is the price.United airlines way to Hong Kong's New York - Bangkok round-trip ticket is $714.8, while China Eastern airlines way Shanghai - Bangkok airfare to $570.06 in New York. China's airlines also actively expand new routes.Aviation enterprise specialized consulting centre for Asia Pacific aviation, according to data from the 2006 years later, China airlines international routes opened up to 75, with two-thirds is a new opening of the last two years. The analysis thinks, Chinese airlines are able to expand this kind of cheap, thanks to the support of the Chinese government.China established in 2014 to support private aviation industry, the scale of about 23.5 billion yuan of investment fund, provide support for airports and airlines.
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