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Part of the post office overseas online shopping commodity house price advantage, has won the acceptance of many citizens. Early this year, the Shanghai part of the post office try transformation, the traditional green more a bright orange color, this is Shanghai postal of import commodity chains, the overseas online shopping house just as its name implies selling goods overseas.Reporters found that the store's diaper milk powder was cheaper than shopping, the most popular snacks, wash protect products, with prices unchanged online shopping. Shanghai, a total of 30 of chain stores, the overseas online shopping house by the end of June there will be more than 50, plan covering the whole city, at the end of 150. Sell what?Snacks, cosmetic products, diapers, milk powder, and Disney products Yesterday afternoon, the reporter came to the south Station Road w.t.robey, far look into the traditional green a bright orange.The outer walls of the bright orange with green door head design, trademark "house of overseas online shopping is very eye-catching.South Station Road w.t.robey is not big, in the entrance to the right researched about 20 square meters of place for a "house of overseas online shopping.Walked into the store, the adornment of bright orange, same shelves filled up with imports at the counter, there are snack foods, daily chemical products, diapers, milk powder, and, of course, the stamps and official Disney products.The store only two employees, dressed in unified orange clothes, assumes the role of environment and the cashier. Just the heavy rain that day, 10 minutes there are five customers to patronize.Citizens of mulberry woman walks into a post office, put down his umbrella, straight to the house of overseas online shopping, the manager Ms. Tang immediately stepped forward.Mulberry women go to the snack area, took a pack of Thai seaweed, then back around."Like to eat a point what? Our store it is good too."The manager recommended a wafer, mulberry woman decided to buy after a short study.Aside the cashier girl hand basket, motioned mulberry women use.About a minute or two, mulberry lady picked four pieces of snacks to the front desk check out. Economical?Some cheap, some price "House of overseas online shopping really worthwhile?Journalists and choose a few items and price comparison, found that the diapers, milk powder is very economical.Such as in-store kao diapers neonatal NB number 139 yuan a pack, and activities in June, with two packages will be a reduction of 8 yuan.And Tmall kao official flagship store, the original price 170 yuan, sales promotion preferential price 145 yuan, or less than the house of overseas online shopping.Look at L diapers, store sell 160 yuan of Tmall flagship store to 170 yuan.And shelves of the milk powder, there is no price tag, but gives a qr code.German love his beautiful babies and infants powdered milk 800 grams of 1 paragraph 2 cans, scan qr code known overseas online shopping house price is 484 yuan (242 yuan average 1 tank), and Tmall supermarket a can is 260 yuan. However, there are also some commodity prices flat.Shiseido wash yan college cleanser 48 yuan, and 1 shop, amazon China, le bee net price is consistent, but cheaper than entity supermarket a few dollars.Price 18.8 yuan lai home cappuccino flavour of wafer cake, in Su Ningyi purchase and number one shop price is 16.6 yuan and 15.8 yuan respectively."Before, we checked the price, number one shop is 19 yuan, recently seemed preferential pricing."The manager is very familiar with prices everywhere. The store opened on April 16, up to now, already has a lot of goods sold, mainly snacks.It is worth mentioning that the house of overseas online shopping or upon citizens around Disney products, and have the opportunity to buy all kinds of limited edition treasures.Daily passenger flow of about 60 people, since the opening has been growing. Zip: "cost-effective" sweep code to buy milk powder House of Shanghai postal "overseas online shopping first chain was born on January 8, Shanghai postal aspects introduces, this is Shanghai actively explore postal postal postal distribution outlets and metropolis an innovation of the business transformation development in China, with the help of a free trade zone in Shanghai continue to reform the power, give full play to the marginal effect of postal outlets, expand the innovation project of postal outlets retail transformation, will in future make to imported products for the characteristics of chain stores. At present, the house of overseas online shopping there are more than 2700 items, including daily necessities, products, leisure snacks, etc."Overseas online shopping house" in addition to have regular trade goods similar to the traditional direct sales function of retail stores, also provide overseas cross-border goods display and intelligent terminal connected to the Internet to purchase services, provide import cross-border goods physical store display, pre-sale consultation, etc. "one-stop" services, help the users more convenient to do overseas commodity purchase, customs clearance, query, distribution, etc.Popular, similar to the aforementioned "cost-effective" milk powder, brush the qr code, to buy online.
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