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Since June 1, 14 classes of daily consumer goods import tariff rates began to "diving", average dropped more than 50%, but the line post tax (i.e., the customs baggage and articles of entry passengers and personal postal articles levy import duty) is not within the scope of the adjustment, cross-border electricity is small, so temporarily appear calm. Industry experts said, in the long run, cross-border electricity tariffs will be reversed transmission business pay more attention to product quality and service, thus to promote healthy development of the industry.    Prices had not affected - - - Customs website recently published the announcement about adjusting part of the consumer goods import duties, clear the change of the consumer goods of import links duties.Suits, fur clothing, such as import tariffs will be reduced by 14% ~ 23% to 14% ~ 23%, short boots, shoes, etc of import tariffs decreased by 22% ~ 24% to 22%, and the diapers import tariffs reduced from 7.5% to 7.5%, protect skin to taste of import tariffs reduced from 5% to 5%. Tariff rates "diving", "whether the purchase of foreign goods at a lower price" become the focus of the consumers.Reporters through comparison software platform in Tmall l 'oreal and estee lauder flagship store, found that most commodity prices stable, the price is very few. Shanghai customs college of economy and the department of business administration, said professor Li Jiuling tariffs on imported goods accounted for a small, in the final price decision in commodity prices is mainly market supply and demand, business operation and management cost and the corresponding marketing strategy, in addition add brands, agents of profits, under the background of the comprehensive cost is higher, may also appear to tariffs and rising commodity prices. Traditional B2B (business to business) model of trade need pay duty and VAT, etc., taxes, and B2C (business for personal) model of cross-border electronic business enterprise line post tax shall be levied according to the personal items.Line according to the different products, mail tax rate of 10%, 20%, 30% and 50%, four file, at the same time, through cross-border business purchases to tax amount is lower than 50 yuan, will mail tax shall be exempted from row.If goods pay in line by tax is lower than trade tariffs, cross-border electricity sale of imported goods in at a lower price at the same time, also received line post difference between tax and trade tariffs tax arbitrage space, which is currently one of the profit pattern of cross-border electricity. “Cross-border electricity is usually based on the personal tax act as purchasing agency way, generally 1000 yuan the following people to act as purchasing agency items only accept mail tax, exceed limit amount of personal items in accordance with the general trade fee of 17% of the value-added tax, business is import tax and 17% VAT, plus a 30% consumption tax, line is much higher than mail.”Cross-border electric business platform "honey global purchasing sea" of the responsible person, the tariff adjustment only lower tariffs on some products, the importers of general trade, little influence on cross-border electricity. Vice President of the China electronic commerce association no thought, although the effect of the cut tariffs for commodities may need long time of observation, but it has the effect of conduction, entity shop can adjust the price to take as a selling point, and the launch of more flexible cross-border electricity can more promotional activities, to stimulate the consumer's shopping.   - focus on quality - reversed transmission industry Imports heat generating huge cross-border electricity dealer market.According to the ministry of commerce statistics, at present China's cross-border e-commerce enterprises more than 20 m, platform of more than 5000 enterprises.Following the development of the information technology in recent years, logistics and payment method, the whole cross-border electricity industry is in constant perfect.In the industry, reduce tariffs, expanding the scope of the tax items, more is to further stimulate the cross-border electricity dealer market, more overseas high quality products and service to our customers. “Tariff reduction is beneficial to the development of cross-border electricity, whether by the sunshine of customs supervision of cross-border electricity, or act as purchasing agency, overseas online shopping and other forms of cross-border electricity, base of tariff reduced to a certain extent, also reduce the purchase cost of businesses, for merchants to mining from the view of more foreign goods, thereby promoting trade facilitation and liberalization.”Said no, lower tariffs will lead to more formal, high-quality goods abroad into China, coupled with the improving of the customs supervision means, will be conducive to the sunlight of cross-border electricity to expel the adulteration of overseas goods, to achieve superior bad discard, thereby against illegal channels and illegal goods purchased overseas. In cloud monkey net President Yang jun, the widespread lower taxes would be a shuffle in the traditional supply chain, optimize and upgrade will be reversed transmission cross-border electricity industry and an unspecified number of overseas online shopping and traditional small-scale purchasing platform, encourage cross-border electricity return to focus on the nature of the retail goods quality and services. Each big cross-border electricity years promotion strategy is in line with the view of Yang jun, goods quality and after-sales service are the major cross-border electricity traders in an important position, and no longer simply a price war.Tmall international in ensuring global lowest at the same time, to make a "no fresh price.mean-while" on different fresh food, "I don't live price.mean-while", "change the price.mean-while consumer service commitment";Jingdong mall is especially introduced overseas online shopping transaction security risks, to ensure that consumers in jingdong global purchasing platform safely buy goods. Cross-border electricity tariff reduction can be reversed transmission industry pay more attention to quality and service, but it needs to be relevant laws and regulations to regulate and protect.The koala, bought the sea saidLegislation is the foundation for the development of the industry, the legislation of g. industry in the field of cross-border electrical contractor, determine the legal subject, only guarantee the rights and interests of consumers and businesses are not violated, cross-border electricity companies to focus on service and quality.
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