In the third quarter of fiscal 2016 report release
Deutsche post recently reported that, despite weak economic development, but the third quarter of fiscal 2016 profit growth.Ebit growth to 755 million euros, and most of the development of the company in the same period. Deutsche post DHL, said a year ago the company earnings before interest and tax is 197 million euros, only the strong growth in profits this year in addition to one-off factors, mainly thanks to all sectors continued organic growth in operating profit. In the third quarter of 2016, the group business income is 13.9 billion euro, fell 3.9% from a year earlier.In this decline is mainly due to the negative impact of exchange rate, lower fuel surcharges, etc. Frank Appel of deutsche post DHL group chief executive, said four divisions of the company the strong growth in operating profit, reveal the validity of the development strategy of company, 2020.The company in the rapid development of global e-commerce plays a positive role, and will continue to invest in this area. Frank Appel says, thanks to the company targeted investment and implementation of strategic initiatives in recent years, the company succeeded in the case of a weak economy.Company in 2016 and future ambitions on the road to go on. These ambitious goals include 2016 increased to 3.4 billion - 3.7 billion euros annual pre-tax profits, during 2013-2020, operating profit more than the average growth of 8% a year.
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