UPS, FedEx, USPS fees to rise!
Learn that, recently, eBay release information logistics company charges rates change, rate is due to come into force after the change, the concrete content is as follows: Learned, UPS (united parcel service company), FedEx (FedEx) and the USPS (U.S. postal service company) has been announced, they will have to rise in 2017, the tariff rate, the new tariff rates will take effect on the following date: A, UPS: on December 26, 2016 B, FedEx: on January 2, 2017 C, USPS: on January 22, 2017 It is reported, and eBay eBay shipping calculator waybill will be updated according to the new tariff rates.Sellers also need to ensure that the current online articles published in the freight to reflect these changes: 1, if the seller use calculate shipping fee rate, please check all items in the packing weight and dimensions are accurate.When the new rates take effect rate after the seller's published items will automatically show the new tariff rates. 2, if the seller use fixed shipping fee rate, please check your article published, confirm their flat-rate withstand the price increase.Seller may need to increase the fixed rate of freight, in order to maintain the same level of profit. 3, if the seller provide free transportation, please check your article published, confirm your price can bear the extra cost, if not, suggest to your items published price adjustments. According to introduction, use eBay waybill will help the seller cost savings, among them, the Priority service (Priority Mail ?) service can save up to 25%, FedEx service * can save up to 37%.In addition, the tracking information will be uploaded automatically, the seller also can get free shipping supplies and parcel pick-up service!
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