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Recently, DHL parcel company with German family shopping HSE24 extended the long-term cooperation between the two sides in advance for five years.DHL will continue being one of the most HSE24 logistics partners. DHL parcel said, with HSE24 successful cooperation is the basis of its located in adjacent to German city of munster gray cultural relic flow center, the center has carried on the expansion in 2013, manages all warehouse operations and logistics process.Large quantities of goods through a bridge type conveyor directly into the heart of the this parcel. The DHL logistics center is one of the fulfillment of Germany's most efficient single facilities, with about 1000 employees, 59000 square meters of storage and processing space (including administrative offices), in the warehouse with 40000 trays.During the peak business employees per hour sorting order more than 5000 products.Electronic commerce is one of the biggest growth drivers in the HSE24 company, accounted for 25% of its revenues in 2015.DHL parcel said, making it smooth and reliable logistics processes is vital for the whole channel sales company. HSE24 company customers special requirements including as much as possible the fastest delivery of goods, flexible processing fast frequent changes of product categories, as well as the feasibility of the distribution plan according to different product categories.These all require special storage and changeful processing capacity.Gray cultural relic flow center provides clothing suspension system with textile processing ability and security of valuable goods such as jewelry products area.
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